Monday, July 27, 2015

Tense Change Challenge -- How It Works

Here we go!

Six excerpts, written in 2 different tenses, have posted.  Read both versions of each, and share your thoughts about which tense you feel works better for the story--and why.

For each excerpt, the author's original tense is first, followed by my rewritten version in the tense of the author's choice.  I have taken the liberty to correct punctuation and paragraph breaks in my edited versions, but have not changed the author's words in any substantial way, other than to change the verb tense.

Have fun!  This was certainly fun on my end (call me quirky, but I like playing with verbs).

ENTRANTS:  Please take the time to leave feedback on at least 2 of the other entries, as your way of giving back.

Go to it!

1 comment:

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