Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thank You

I may as well admit it: I'm not good at receiving.  That's why I squirmed so much when the donate button went up.  Not that I thought it was a bad idea; so many of you had expressed a desire to "give back" somehow.

It's just that I wasn't looking for a way to "get" anything.  This blog--this COMMUNITY OF AWESOME WRITERS--is a gift in itself.  I've said so countless times.

It "gives back" to me on its own, anyway.  Without realizing, really, what I was doing, I've created a solid--albeit anonymous--platform.  A by-product of what was conceived as a community for encouraging writers.  That's an awesome payback all by itself.

Anyway.  Your generosity has blown me away.  And I'm not known for my speechlessness.  As you can probably imagine.

So to each one of you who has so selflessly donated from your pockets:  THANK YOU.  You have created Christmas.  Literally.

To each one of you who has purchased my e-book:  THANK YOU.  I hope you found it a truly helpful tool for your journey.

To each one of you who has written words of encouragement, affirmation, and reminders to never give up:  THANK YOU.  I have been strengthened by your words time and time again.  And they've made me smile.

To each one of you who has shared your personal success story and how the blog played a role in that:  THANK YOU.  It's amazing--and humbling--to watch people reach their goals, touch their dreams.

To each one of you who has generously given the gift of time by leaving thoughtful critiques on countless excerpts throughout the year:  THANK YOU.  This blog wouldn't be what it is without you.

To each one of you who has dealt with the frustrations of the submission process in order to get your work on the blog:  THANK YOU.  I salute you for your bravery AND your patience.

This blog--this COMMUNITY--is one of the hugest blessings in my life.  I am undone.

Wishing you peace, joy, contentment, and THE BEST POSSIBLE FUTURE FOR YOUR WRITING.

And you know I mean that. :-)


  1. We appreciate you so much, Authoress. I am glad that we bring joy to you as much as you bring it to us.

    May all you dreams come true in the new year. We will all be watching and waiting to hear the good news about your achievements.... Besides this blog, of course!


  2. Thank you, and I hope this means a very merry Christmas! You deserve it, Authoress. :)

  3. You deserve every bit, Authoress. We all appreciate your efforts at connecting the writing community!

  4. The same back at you.

    You certainly have made my life more joyful and perhaps made me a bit smarter in the process.

  5. Thank YOU - you've put so much work into helping others. :)

  6. We love you Authoress & this is the best web site I have ever been lucky enough to find.

  7. I rarely comment, but always read. We are happy to be here -- thank YOU for sharing your thoughts along this sometimes bumpy road.

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    Thank you