Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Fricassee

So it's really and truly the last Friday before Christmas.  Despite the fact that I am an avowed summer person (as in, lead me to the beach and let me stay there), this is truly my favorite time of year.  Once the holidays are over, of course, I am absolutely done with winter.  This is unfortunate for winter, since it has WAY TOO MUCH TIME LEFT after the first of the year.

But why get ahead of myself?  I'm reveling in the season.

One thing that's been particularly difficult is drafting this dang novel.  It finally hit me the other day that the reason I'm struggling is because this isn't my normal drafting time (as if anything in a writer's life is "normal").  My usual habit is to draft from January through April, or February through May.  Getting it out of the way early in the year frees up the rest of the months for revisions and editing, which you all know are my preferred tasks.

This year, though, I had no story in me during that season.  Well, I did have the seed of a story--an unusual YA dystopian that began to slowly drag me into an odd world with lots of potential.  Of course, having a world without a plot is pretty frustrating after a while--not to mention that it would have been supremely stupid for me to put my time into yet another unsellable dystopian novel. So I set it aside in favor of rewriting an older manuscript that needed fresh love.  It was a good decision--the new version of the old story is WORLDS better (helped along by the sharp editorial eyes of Josh and Danielle).

The downside, of course, is now having to draft during the holidays.  The amount of energy it takes for me to create a story from scratch is more than I really want to give right now.  So much to do!  My parents are arriving on Monday (a special gift--they rarely come for Christmas!), and my sister and her family are arriving on Christmas Day (driving 7 1/2 hours to be here in time for dinner. WHO COULD ASK FOR A BETTER SISTER?).  So, yeah, I've had lots to do, and still have more to do.  And when it's time to sit down and write, I'm a little bit "UGH" right now.

That, and I'm pretty burned out with my Writing Journey in general.  Yanno?  Life outside the Industry sounds appealing to me.

Still, I've got 73,000 words under my belt, and I have every intention of finishing the draft.  It's killing me, knowing I won't finish on my self-proclaimed end date of January 1, only because my projected 80,000 words is not enough to complete the story.  I never miss my self-imposed deadlines.  Seriously never.  So, yeah, I'm a bit miffed at myself.  (A glass of Chardonnay and some freshly baked Christmas cookies will make it all better, though.)

So, where does this leave the blog?  I've got a HAPPY ANNOUNCEMENT on Monday (no, it's not about me), and then we're pretty much going dark for the holidays.  I'll pop in before New Year's Eve to recap the year or something schmoopy like that.  But mostly, it's time for jingles and mistletoe.

Oh, and for some reason, blog traffic was especially light on Wednesday when I posted my HOLIDAY GIFT FOR YOU.  If you missed it, please click over and enjoy!

Happy weekend, happy writing, happy holidays!


  1. I hear all of this. I'm just checked out of doing pretty much anything, so instead of writing 1500 words a day on my sequel, i'm lucky if i get in 300.
    I hope it picks up after the holidays

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  3. I wanted to say thank you for doing the holiday lyrics contest -- and thanks to everyone who contributed their creative efforts -- as I got some really good laughs when I read through them. :) And with all the hustle and bustle at this time of year, it's nice to just enjoy something silly. (Though the sentiments in most of them were also very true!!)

    Regarding today's post, I confess that reading that you never miss your self-imposed deadlines makes me feel like I must be a serious loser! Honestly, I can't remember the last time I actually met one of my self-imposed deadlines. I keep setting them, and I'm eternally optimistic that I'll be able to pull them off. But all too often I'm reminded of Douglas Adams' quote: "I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by." ;)

    I always enjoy your posts, though, and it's so nice to hear that you'll be having a big family gathering at your home -- I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! :)

  4. Hi Authoress,

    I share your discomfort in the struggle with self-imposed deadlines. They're even more difficult to reconcile than contractual ones. I've learned to be easier on myself. As much as I'd like to write full-time during the holiday season, it's impossible. This morning I wrote three hours then set my WIP aside so I could go shopping with my son (who just came home from college) and also help my housebound parents prep for the holiday. I always love January because I write with intensity for long hours, but right now it's still December, the holidays are here, it's time to have fun and enjoy ourselves, as hard as that is for artists to do sometimes. Good luck and rich blessings to you!

  5. I have a hard time writing in December, too. My best months are between March and October. But I'm 7 chapters away from my ending so...drag myself I must.

  6. It's a great time of year to people-watch while shopping (ooooohh, there's a great gesture) and listen to some of the TBR books via audio while baking! I'm so impressed by your output. I write short. Period. What I call a first draft could be called a detailed outline.

    Celebrate the season, and thanks for sharing the gift of your talent with us!

  7. Take a guilt-free break. It's well deserved!

    Merry Christmas

  8. Girl, I definitely know what you're talking about--there is no time around the holidays to write! (Especially as a musician. Nonstop weddings and Christmas services!)But hey, a blog break will be good for a lot of things. You gotta regroup after all that Baker's Dozen excitement. Have a Merry Christmas, and I'll see you in January! ;)