Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday Gift #1 -- Christmas Lyrics and Recording For You

Of course I had to jump into the fun-with-lyrics, though I thought I'd wait until after the contest to post mine.  So here you go--my Christmas creation, for you, with love.

(And if you find yourself singing this in the shower, and especially during the month of November--well, my work here is done!)

NANO NANO NANO NANO, OH (Deck the Halls)

NANO NANO NANO NANO, OH (Deck the Halls)

by Authoress (c. Beat Your Own Drum, 2014.  All rights reserved.)

In December in the city, NaNo NaNo NaNo NaNo, Oh.
Agent slush piles don’t look pretty, NaNo NaNo NaNo NaNo, Oh.
30 frenzied days of writing, NaNo Na, NaNo Na, NaNo, Oh.
Lead to off’rings uninviting.  NaNo NaNo NaNo NaNo, Oh.

See the agents kneel before us, NaNo NaNo NaNo Nano, Oh.
As they sing in mournful chorus: NaNo NaNo NaNo Nano, Oh.
“Pardon us for patronizing, NaNo Na, NaNo Na, NaNo, Oh.
“But you all should be revising!” NaNo NaNo NaNo Nano, Oh.

Purple prose and plot holes yawning, NaNo NaNo NaNo Nano, Oh.
Come the authors, blithe and fawning, NaNo NaNo NaNo Nano, Oh.
“Dearest Agent, here’s my query,” NaNo Na, NaNo Na, NaNo, Oh.
Sent with eyes all red and bleary.  NaNo NaNo NaNo Nano, Oh.

Fast away the old year passes, NaNo NaNo NaNo Nano, Oh.
Listen well, you lads and lasses, NaNo NaNo NaNo Nano, Oh.
If you want to land an agent, NaNo Na, NaNo Na, NaNo, Oh.
Toss your NaNo to the pavement! NaNo NaNo NaNo Nano, Oh.


  1. Hahaha well this is amazing. I am getting lots of weird looks in the airport as I listen to this, laughing hysterically. Is that you singing, Authoress?

  2. Yes, that's me. Not in my best form; still don't have my voice 100% after recent laryngitis. So glad you're getting weird looks! :)

  3. No, it's so good!! That's impressive :) You should record the other two winners and release a mini-Christmas album, hehe.

  4. That was great!!

  5. So much fun! Yay! I second the mini Holiday song album. ^_^

  6. Wowzee wow wow! Is that an original arrangement, perhaps with an assist by Mr. A? You are (multi) talent!

  7. Yes, it's an original arrangement, Merci. Mr. A mixed it for me (because I totally can't do that part).

  8. I, too, figured the agents would be needing eggnog early in December, so I sent off a revision in mid-October hoping to beat the deluge!

    Great song!

  9. Love it!! And way better than the Deck the Halls (Ditch the Calls) entry I submitted. :D

  10. Terrific fun!! I too am humming along dashing thru the airport.

  11. Wow, who'd you get to master the track? It sounds really clear and nice! I love the jingling bell things in the back. And your harmony is great.

    I love this!

  12. Oh, Lol, you said it already. What did program did he use? Honestly, give Mr. A kudos. I'm trying hard to learn how to master tracks well, and it's just really hard. Go him!
    And go your awesome singing voice!

  13. Hey, Petre! He uses Login Pro. It is SO convoluted! He is still learning things. He's a gifted recording engineer--I wish he could do it for a living!

    And thank you. My voice doesn't sound "awesome" to me; it still hasn't recovered from having laryngitis a couple weeks ago. I guess that makes it a bit "sultry" or something, but I don't really like having a smoker's voice. >.<

  14. Loved it. So funny and impressive that you sang it too! In harmony, no less. I love this contest. Such a fun idea. Happy Holidays!

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  16. I love it! Also can relate since I'm a NaNo fail this time around. Happy new year!