Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Secret Agent Contest: Here we go!

The entries will post in groups of 10.

Quick reminder: All entrants are requested to critique a minimum of five entries.

And please. Try to remember to sign in with a screen name. "Anonymous" gets confusing.

Okay, onward!


Ash. Elizabeth said...

i'm so excited to help! i only found your blog this month ad i can't wait to read through the entries : )

KJMom said...

Oops-my screen name for submission is different than my comments. Do I need to email you so you know I commented? Sorry, Authoress!

Cranky Dragon said...

Ah yes, I have the same problem as KJMom, that added to the fact that someone else e-mailed my submission in for me. Do you want to know who we are, or does it not really matter unless we get picked, lol.

UFGirl said...

I noticed the same problem and sent an email as well - sorry about the confusion!