Monday, November 3, 2014

Baker's Dozen: YA/MG Submissions Tuesday and Thursday

And it's week 2 of submissions for the Baker's Dozen Agent Auction!  Jodi and I have gotten through 90 of about 130 adult entries so far.  Normally, I like to get those all finished before the YA/MG round comes flooding in, but this year our schedules are somehow crazier and more disparate, so it's been a bit of a challenge to find the time to get together.

YA/MG submissions are this Tuesday and Thursday, 9-5 EST.  Some things:

  • If you discover after you've entered that there's a typo, a formatting issue, etc., DON'T PANIC.  Jodi and I don't take those things into account; we're reading for content.  If your entry gets chosen for the auction, you will have an opportunity to fix typos.  (And I always fix formatting.)
  • If you have an issue with Paypal and aren't sure if your payment went through, EMAIL ME BEFORE SENDING A NEW ENTRY.  Or, if you get a Paypal error or glitch, don't assume it won't work if you try a second time.  In other words, don't panic about the payment part.  The internet is the internet; give it a little slack to be stupid.
  • Having said that--if you DO have an issue you can't resolve, email me.  (Mostly things run very smoothly.)
  • If you're submitting via email, don't try to send an actual email question/concern to that address--the bot will think it's an incorrect entry, and will send you a rejection notice.  ALL emails to me must be sent to facelesswords(at)
The Baker's Dozen schedule and submission info is HERE.

Best of luck, everyone!


  1. Where do we go to pay the fee? Is it under the Donate button?

  2. No. You will be prompted to pay the fee as part of the submission process.

  3. Thank you Authoress, for your efforts in putting this together. Great way to help authors!

  4. I submitted my logline and first page, paid my fee, got my receipt from paypal but didn't get an email confirming I had entered. Is that normal or should I have received something? Thanks for all your hard work!

  5. Check your spam box. Still, no worries -- if Paypal went through, then your entry was definitely accepted.

  6. Oh, good! Yeah, not in spam either but I do have my paypal receipt. Thanks again :)

  7. Thank you Authoress! I do see a tiny typo-- I await my instructions. :)