Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Fricassee

Did you ever wake up to face a ridiculously busy day?  So busy that you're not sure when you're going to fit in bathroom breaks?  Yep.  I've got one of those.  Which is why I'm writing this post super early and super fast, and hoping it comes out somewhat coherently.

Well, we've completed our adult round of submissions!  Jodi and I are starting the reading process this afternoon (Yay! Skype time with Jodi!), and will continue it over the weekend.  As always, there is a diverse collection of genres, so we definitely won't be bored!  I'll admit that I expected to see more NA among the ranks.  So far, that's been my biggest surprise.

I will keep you up to date with little quips and comments as we go.  If you don't follow me on Twitter, NOW'S A GOOD TIME TO START.

Next week:  YA/MG submissions!  This is always a bigger rush, since there seem to be so many more of you.  (Why is that, I wonder?  I've never advertised this blog as a YA/MG blog, but you've seem to have gravitated here like gravy to roast turkey.  And I love you!)

Oh, and feel free to throw an evil laugh my way, because yesterday evening I had to write a logline--AND I FREAKED.  I totally get the logline thing, and I know a good one when I see it.  I'm also good at, yanno, PREACHING AT YOU about the importance of a good logline.  And Holly Bodger is my logline idol.  But when it comes to my sitting down and writing one?  You guys.  NOT PRETTY.

Amazingly, I cranked one out, and Jodi said, "I like it," which was good enough for me.  But it was not a lovely process.  No, not lovely at all.

So, yeah.  There's me, on the eve of the Baker's Dozen, squirming over my own logline.  I suppose there's some poetic justice in that.

Okay, I'm off and running.  See you all on Monday!


  1. You are so appreciated for all you do! Enjoy.

  2. Will you be using a certain hashtag on Twitter, or just tweeting from your account?

  3. In recognition of all the loglines improved by virtue of your aid and assistance, I offer the following:

    Justice may be blind, but it knows a good meter when it sees it."

    (That's also my way of saying thanks for your efforts on behalf of so many others.)

  4. I've been practicing my own loglines in prep for Nano, and in prep for restructuring a manuscript, and it is REALLY hard. I lurked through all the posted ones here and used Holly's advice, which really helped.