Monday, October 27, 2014

Auxiliary Logline Critique Session is Live

Good morning!  Today is the official Last Day Before Submissions!  Are you ready?

L.C. McGee's Logline Critique Round is now LIVE ON HER BLOG.  Please head over there when you have a few spare minutes and offer your critique.

A reminder that this week's submissions are for the ADULT CATEGORY, which includes NEW ADULT.  (If your entry is the latter, please label it as NA, along with its genre.)

Post your FINAL QUESTIONS below!


  1. I'm struggling with how to label my book. I consider it realistic fiction and a coming of age story. But my characters are in their early twenties, so I wonder if I'm expected to label it New Adult. I'm worried that will create expectations about, say, Beautiful Disaster style sex scenes, which my book does not contain. Any help?

  2. If in doubt, label it adult. "coming of age" is not technically a genre, so you will have to hone in on that a bit better. Is it upmarket? Contemporary? But, yeah, just open it up to "adult", because ultimately it'll be an editor who decides where it belongs.