Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Brief Public Service Announcement

Two recipients of my requests-from-lurking-agents discovered my email in their spam boxes.


I would hate for someone to miss out on a request because of an overactive spam gland!  And there were more than a dozen requests this time.  So please do 2 things:

1.  Check your spam box.

2.  Add my facelesswords email to your address book.  This is the email from which I always send agent requests.

That should cover it! 



  1. Yikes! But how wonderful that there were more than a dozen requests, good luck everyone :)

  2. I've spent a half-hour rummaging around in various obscure folders (mcafee spam email, junk email etc.) Nothing there. Oh well! back to the drawing-board. I suppose I can resubmit a revised, improved version next month?

  3. @parsley LOL. I've done the same thing. Thanks Authoress for being on top of this. And good luck everyone!

  4. Parsley, you will be able to enter the same manuscript again after 6 months. That's my way of keeping the playing field open to new entrants. :)

  5. Holy mackerel! I just checked my spam filter and there was an email from Authoress about a lurking agent. 1) I'm so excited!! 2) I'm REALLY excited Authoress put up this blog post or else I'd never have known!

  6. As if it weren't hard enough to get in. Lurking agents is now the thick icing on the cake. ;)

  7. soifelsie I checked my spam and THERE'S AN EMAIL *faints* Thank you SO MUCH for alerting us of this!!!

  8. Hehe, it's so exciting hearing about people finding these emails!
    Will still be a couple of months till I have a manuscript I can send to anyone, never mind enter, but I'm looking forward to it. :-)