Monday, January 17, 2011


For some reason, my SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW OPEN post, which I had set to post automatically, didn't post.


Anyway, SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW CLOSED.  The second submission window will open at 7:00 pm EST.

Sorry about that!  (But, really? I've warned you not to wait for the blog post. This is a perfect example of why!)


  1. Yay, I got in! I'm looking forward to reading everyone's submissions :-)

  2. I got in too! Can't wait. When are the posts going up?

    Also, Authoress, my submission has italics in it, which I formatted as /text/. Can it be put into italics on the blog when you post? I understand if it's too much of a hassle.

    Thanks, Elena.

  3. Hi Authoress,

    Thanks so much for holding these contests! I tried submitting at 12:00 exactly (I'm in EST), but then it turned out my computer clock is one minute fast so the bot rejected me. So, I tried again and it rejected me saying I had 274 words, but the excerpt is only 252 and it was in plain text. But, just in case, I pasted it into a word pad and then into the e-mail. When I tried that time, I was rejected but the rejection e-mail just said [log number: 3472]. Of course, when I tried it a fourth time the window was closed.
    I'd like to try again at the second submission window, and I'm hoping I can figure out what I'm doing wrong in the meantime. I'm using a gmail account set on plain text. What else can I do to get rid of invisible stuff? Thanks!
    Thank you so much!

  4. I sent my entry at noon and didn't get a response, so I re-sent it. Still no response. I at least expected a rejection notice?

    Oh, well. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this!

  5. Elena -- I check all formatting by hand.

    Ann -- I don't know what to tell you other than to type the whole thing BY HAND into the plain text gmail, and have it ready to send. Hopefully that should solve the problem!

    Matril -- Did you check your spam box? The bot always sends a response, whether it's an acceptance or a rejection.

  6. Hi Authoress,

    After several months of trying to get into this contest I finally did! I'm so excited and anxious to read all the entries. Just like Elena, I also had some italics (to show my MC's internal thoughts) but they do not show up in plain text.

    If nothing can be done about that, hopefully the readers can tell the difference. :)

    Good luck to everyone!


  7. Made it in - thank you so much! Can't wait to read and critique the other entries.

    Out of curiosity, does the word-counter include "SCREEN NAME" and all that information, or does it only count words after the header info? If it counts all text in the email, that could be causing the over-the-limit issues for some people.

  8. Nora -- He is a very intelligent bot and he does NOT include SCREEN NAME, etc., in the word count. :)

    Automatic signature lines, however, can throw him off. (Like the stupid ones in hotmail.)

  9. No, nothing in my spam. Considering how I'm also having trouble getting my comments to show up here, I'm beginning to wonder if I actually exist, or if I'm just a ghost, fruitlessly typing while my ethereal fingers sink through the keyboard... ;)

  10. Thanks, Authoress. I will try that.

  11. Hello! I tried having my husband do this for me (Ha!), didn't make it. Is it okay to try for tonight's too? I don't want to be a bother.

    PS- I brought my kids swimming in an outdoor pool. It's 13 degrees out. Sheer chaos. Maybe I should have stayed home.

  12. I completely missed the deadline for this morning. Oh well. Maybe I'll have better luck this evening!

  13. My email says my sub was sent at 12:05 but I didn't get a response. Did it go through?

  14. Also, I checked my spam box and there's nothing there. Hmmm, I'll try again this afternoon.

  15. Good Luck everyone, can't wait to read the entries. ;-)

  16. Good luck to everyone! I don't have a MS that will work for this contest, but I look forward to reading the submissions.

  17. Yay! It worked. I'm so excited to get feedback from this fabulous community.

  18. Oh no! I think I might have sent it too late. Well, I will enjoy reading all the submissions!

  19. Authoress,

    I tried twice to get in and I haven't received rejection or acceptance. Nothing. I checked my spam and nothing. Could you please check and let me know. This has happened before and I did get accepted so I am hopeful.

    My novel is THE BLINDED GARDENER and my email is mculi at aol dot com.

    Thank you,