Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Fricassee

And the second slushfest begins!

Blogger is being a real poop.  They have a limit set on how many daily posts you can have.  If you go above this (rather arbitrary) number, you're asked for a verification for each post.  Back when I was doing the contests by hand, I would doggedly type in the code for each post.  It slowed me down, but it didn't stop me.

Now that things are automated, I CAN'T DO ANYTHING.  The Bot is (brilliantly) set up to post the entries directly to my Blogger account, where I can read them easily.  But when there's a flood of posts, Blogger only posts so many...and stops.  The entries sit in the database waiting patiently for their turn.

And Jodi and I can't read slush until Blogger decides to release the posts.

So, yeah.  Blogger's control issues are a bit frustrating.  Jodi and I got through the first 30 entries yesterday, and as of this writing, Blogger still has the rest in captivity.  When they're finally released, it will only be some of them.  And I have no idea when.

Which makes it a little tricky to schedule our slush parties.

But no worries!  They'll all come through eventually, and we'll get our list of winners sorted out in time.  I just needed to have a rousing Blogger vent.  I feel better now.

The saddest news in my life right now is that my beloved jodimitts are still missing.  I know exactly where I left them (lying in the grass beside the parking lot of a church building) but when I returned to look for them, they were gone.


I contacted the church via their web site, and an Extremely Kind Person got right back to me and said he would look everywhere, inside and out, and get back to me ASAP.  His kindness alone has given this mini-tragedy some meaning.

But seriously?  Who would want my not-quite-clean, getting-kinda-ratty, too-small-for-most-people's-hands JODIMITTS?  They can't possibly look beautiful to anyone else's eyes -- not after they've been loved into submission the way they have (Jodi would cringe).  Surely somebody put them somewhere.  Right?

Anyway.  I do have another pair, so I'm not bereft of warm hands.  It's just this was my first pair, sent as a cheer-up-Authoress gift, and I'm emotionally attached to them.  They're irreplaceable.

Silly, I know.  But there you have it.

So I'll be spending my weekend making my YA paranormal Very Shiny.  At least, that's what needs to happen.  I'm determined!

May your weekend be what you most desire it to be!


  1. Hehe, I didn't know what you were talking about with jodimitts so I had to google it. I could not live without gloves like these ones to type. It gets below zero where we are and typing is so hard when you are frozen! Good luck finding your originals and thank God for spares =)

  2. Blogger has been reading one too many YA dystopian novels, me thinks.

    It's amazing what some people will keep that doesn't belong to them. I lost a beloved black hoodie with bleach marks. Seriously, there was nothing special about the hoodie, other than it matched my washed out "black" yoga pants with bleach stains (from cleaning my bathrooms). Why would someone keep it instead of handing it into lost and found?????

    Have a great weekend, Authoress. And thanks for all the amazing work you did on the auction (you too, Jodi and Mike). :D

  3. I hope you find your jodimitts, Authoress. And good luck with making your WIP shiny!

  4. So sorry to hear about your jodimitts. Maybe post a sign at the church? My son lost a favorite surfer necklace near church, and someone picked it up. Two weeks later it was turned in because of the sign(s -- we posted 3 -- he really loved that necklace!)

    And as eager as I am for you to read through the slush, you definitely deserve some time off. Enjoy your weekend! :)

  5. Authoress, I'm curious.
    I love reading that you devote your weekend to your manuscript, but I wonder if you look at it during the week. I ask because I can't live a day without being with my characters, but that has also made parts of daily life become unattended. Do writers with well managed lives devote specific days for manuscript development and force themselves to stay away from it on other days?

  6. Noooo, missing Jodi mitts!!! That's just tragic. Hope you find them.

  7. Brigitte -- I have a designated writing time every day, and I usually try to (make myself) take off one day of the weekend, so I'm writing 6 days a week. It's been one heck of a week, though, so I want to devote extra time to my manuscript this weekend.

    Writeidea -- Yes. Tragic. :(

  8. I am sorry to hear of your loss. But if it helps, maybe you can imagine them being picked up by a homeless person in need of warmth? Or maybe...I am thinking of the perfect story about a pair of jodimitts that take a fantastic journey... Hope you find them. :)

  9. I loved Dana's post, but maybe if a needy person doesn't have them, their fantastic journey will end with them right back on your hands. I'm still promoting that "Lost mittens, sentimental value" sign. I can't imagine anyone keeping them if they knew...

  10. Does Jodi sell those puppies online? Since you've drummed up so much interest maybe you should post the link and we can all pick up a pair!

  11. It's a small church out in the country, with cow pastures on both sides. Nary a homeless person to be found. If anything, I'm thinking one of the church's teens might've found them on Wednesday night, since that's usually youth group night for churches.

    Rachelle -- Jodi doesn't sell them. But she is giving away lots of mitts in contests on her blog as the release date for INCARNATE approaches! Go to

  12. Why Jodi doesn't sell the mitts:

  13. Yikes! Tech problems are no fun.

    I've been trying to burn an Audible book that keeps starting at Chapter 65. Ug.

  14. I'm lucky I have sister mitts. Hers are crocheted and I also wear them while typing on chilly mornings. I just sent her some yummy yarn and hope to get another pair soon.

  15. Dearest, ditch blogger and move to Wordpress, as I have suggested. :)

  16. Oh that's awful. I really hope your mitts turn up.

  17. Um, missing gloves? Horrors! I hate having cold fingers. Makes me twitchy.

    I just ran across your blog after following a link from Jennifer Represents, after I got there from a link on the WE Seekerville post. *whew* I should be tired, but I have to say...

    This is the coolest blog EVER. And I had to go read your 'C-rap rations' Miss Snark link. Owwww.

    But yes, I had a five page critique from Seekerville once and the anonymous crit-er said, 'Geez! Make this character DO SOMETHING! I'm dying here!'
    I was sorta offended... and then realized that starting a book with someone driving and thinking IS pretty lame.


  18. P.S. I think her actual comment was something like 'I really hope this car is heading for a sheer cliff because at least that would be exciting.' :D

  19. I'm in love with Jodi's mitts. I'm only a beginner knitter, so if I tried to make them they'd probably end up resembling a dead mouse or something.

    Did a little blogger research, and I read that blogger allows 50 posts a day until the word verification kicks in, so I guess that's the limit.

    Happy reading, and I hope you find your mitts!