Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Fricassee

So I forgot to warn my mom not to put the Brussels sprouts cuttings in the garbage disposal.  Because, for whatever reason, our garbage disposal doesn't like Brussels sprouts.  Invariably, they clog the drain.  Not the disposal, mind you; the DRAIN.

Yep.  For two hours, my husband and parents worked on unclogging the drain sans chemicals.  (Because I'm anti-Drano and nothing you say will change my mind.)  We're talking toilet plunger, rubber gloves, baking soda and vinegar.  And a hissy-fit or two from my husband, who clearly expected Thanksgiving to be a little more fun than that.

It became a man-quest of sorts, after a while.  I think my husband and my dad would have skipped dinner altogether in lieu of getting the kitchen sink unclogged.  I stayed out of their way and continued with my food prep.  And cheered as much as possible when that stupid pipe finally gurgled open.

In the end?  Boiling water.  Mr. A figured that boiling the jammed Brussels sprouts leaves would cook them and turn them soft enough to plunge free.  And he was right.

I told him he should do a youtube video.  He wasn't amused.

But really, the day wasn't a disaster.  I'm thankful my parents are here (traveling isn't their most favorite thing) and I'm going to squeeze drops of joy from every moment I can.  My writing limbo (you know what I mean--the I'm-in-between-stuff-and-what-the-heck-am-I-supposed-to-be-working-on thing) has actually timed well.  Because I really don't want my nose to be stuck into Beatrice while my mom and and dad stare at the back of my head.  Last Thanksgiving break, I was still reading slush for the Baker's Dozen.  Which wasn't something I could even begin to explain to my parents.  ("Well, Dad, it's like this. There are all these literary agents, and they are going to place bids on excerpts from novels.  Except, it's not money; it's pages.  And it's all going to take place inside comment boxes on my blog. Know what I mean?")

So, yeah.  It's all good.

Okay, so maybe I'm a tiny bit twitchy.  But that's nothing that a slice or two of pecan pie won't handle.

Next week: Baker's Dozen!  Spread the word; it's going to be incredibly fun, even if you're just watching.

See you Monday!


  1. I have no words for this :-)

    Have a great day.

  2. I'll be watching :) I have a friend who's in the Adult category. Can't wait to see how it goes for her!

  3. At least your husband likes Brussels sprouts -- mine can't stand them, will only eat the basic 4: green beans, broccoli, salad or corn. My longing comes out in my ms -- one of the characters grows Brussels sprouts in his garden.

    Next time my dear one goes on a business trip, I'm steaming up a big serving of the forbidden veggie... I'm starting to develop a serious craving here!

    I'm thankful for you, Authoress, for your generosity of spirit.

  4. Aw, wow. Well, it did get unplugged. :) And I'm sure everyone has SOME holiday mishap story, because these things never go as planned. The fact that they are still enjoyable even after the drama or mistakes is what makes them wonderful.