Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Fricassee

How about a list of Happy Things this Friday?  Because, compared to last week, the past five days have been Disneyland.  Or maybe my perceptions's changed. 
  • One of the many awesome teens in my life has been involved with an orphanage in China.  For Christmas, she has organized her own, personal, adopt-a-child-for-Christmas program.  So I have "adopted" the most beautiful 3-year-old Chinese girl I've ever seen.  I may go absolutely nuts buying her the warm (and stylish, naturally) winter clothing that has been requested by the orphanage. My heart sings whenever I look at her picture.
  • Jodi and I found a couple fairly amazing entries in the YA/MG Baker's Dozen segment during our slushfest yesterday. And that's a special kind of high that only slush readers can understand. (I don't know how agents do this on a regular basis. I really don't!)
  • I've just received a gift of Teuscher chocolate from one of my blog readers/fellow writers. In the form of a donation earmarked as such.  Best part? Teuscher has a shop in San Francisco, which is where I'll happen to be next week.  Guess who's going to saunter into the chocolate shop and buy a box of beautiful truffles? I AM BLOWN AWAY BY THIS KIND OF GENEROSITY.
  • My husband took three days off to decompress this week. He is a different man. And I love him even more!
  • I am deliriously happy to have my latest work (finely polished) back in the hands of my agent (greatly beloved) and his adorable assistant (truly irreplaceable), and now have some time to play around with thoughts for Book 3--because Book 2 is already plotted (I hardly know myself).
  • My joditmitts are safe. And it's grown cold, so my hands are grateful.
  • I am having Clandestine Meetings with People Who Know My Real Name next week.  Which makes me feel like the protagonist in a fast-paced thriller.  (Or not.)
The only thing I'm angsting about is the fact that I don't have a camera, and it's a bit poopy to travel and not take pictures.  Mr. A has a gorgeous Panasonic Lumix that he purchased primarily for filming, but I'm afraid to touch it.  What I NEED is something small enough to fit into my purse (Lumix makes an amazing little point-and-shoot).  So I'm thinking I may have to start begging family members and neighbors to let me borrow a digital camera.  That's not déclassé, is it?  (Maybe I should wear my red hat when I ask them.)

So...lots of HAPPY this week!  I thought I'd sprinkle it around a bit.  Feel free to share your own bits of happy in the comment box; then there will be plenty to go around!


  1. So glad you're feeling much better after last week. I really am. :)

    I, on the other hand, had a fantastic run of writing bliss last week with nano, but now I've got the 2nd week blues and even blogged about it late last night in frustration.

    But my good news? I've hit 22,000 words despite the BLEH of it all. Yay!

    I hope you find a camera and eat a lot of chocolate on your trip!

  2. Slush gems are just wonderful! It's one of the reasons I've always loved reading slush. The pearls and the unpolished diamonds. ^^

  3. Hurray for gratitude! I'm grateful for fabulous fall weather -- crisp and sunny, gorgeous!

    I spent half my childhood in San Francisco, went to high school there -- love to visit (now 3,000 miles away.) I'll make a point to stop by the Teuscher shop this summer -- yum!

    My son has recently chosen to be baptized, and that has given me a sense of peace and gratitude beyond anything I've ever known.

  4. My cell phone camera is vastly better than my ancient digital camera. Just a thought. :)

  5. I'm about to go pick up my sister-in-law on her wedding day. We'll primp and squee and then she'll be married under Montana's big sky.

  6. Oooooh, I grew up in the Bay Area and I get all misty anytime anyone talks about it. The absolute best, best, best time to go is around the holidays because they have Dickens Fair, which is AMAZING and so much fun. But it's wonderful any time of year, really. I hope you have a great time...may the good karma fairies send a camera your way! :)

  7. Yesterday, I was in London buying perfume and watches, my business account says so. The bank says they will TRY to free up my $1,500 so I can make my tax payments on the 14th. Hope the IRS understands.
    So, maybe because it's fricassee friday, but I'm amazingly not upset about this.
    For a dose of happy energy, I'm really close to San Francisco! I may run into a red hat next week. ;)JK

  8. Oh, this all sounds lovely, Authoress. Congrats. And enjoy sneaking about to your meeting - now you need a red fedora.

    I have a lovely bit of happy to share.

    Um. This:

    :D !!!

  9. Oh, I have a Lumix! I love it. I take mine on vacations all the time and it really isn't too big. And congrats on the virtual adoption. I just added a little boy to my family's roster the same age as my youngest. Our adoptee is SOOO cute, I wish I could cuddle him instead of just support him with $. Sigh.

  10. I am happy & excited because I just got the last Harry Potter movie (part 2). After I get off work tonight my daughters and I are going to make popcorn and watch it. Can't wait (Yeah, I'm a Harry Potter freak) ;-)

  11. Lots of happy is good to read about. LOVE It. I did the same thing this week on my blog. Needed to focus on the celebrations in life a little. It makes the not so fun things happening less of a focus. :)

    Thanks for sharing this. I read this blog all the time and it always makes me smile. Thanks for all the time you put into it!!

  12. Yay! :D Happy is awesome!

    You know, if all else fails, you CAN just get one of those temporary (like, you know the ones where you can take only twenty pictures or whatever number) cameras. ;)


  13. Yay for chocolate and happy things!

    My ten-year old had a slumber party last night and we all only slept for about five hours. But the house was filled with happy giggling and multi-colored toenails. I'm sure I will be finding popcorn in my couch until Christmas, but I couldn't be happier.

  14. I am happy and thankful for a job that challenges me, a family that loves me, and a God who saves me.
    And 50% off Halloween candy. What?
    Happy Veterans Day! (That reminds me of something else I am thankful for.)

  15. Oh, you have made me salivate and brought back some happy memories - Teuscher chocolate memories!
    I'd always get a box on special occasions of the most amazing truffles I have ever savoured. I remember breaking one truffle into four bites just to slow things down a bit! When I left your neck of the woods, I ended up nowhere near Teuscher chocolates and haven't had one in I don't know how many years. One day, I know I'll end up in one of their lovely shops again, and there'll be articles written up about the crazy lady that wouldn't leave until ALL the chocolates were gone! I think I could do it in one go! I really do! xo

  16. What? No phone on our camera? Upgrade, girl! I'd be lost without mine--and I do have a nice camera. The phone's just so dang handy.

    Have a nice trip. And don't forget the hot fudge Sunday at Ghiradeli Square. Yum!

  17. I'm in SF as of yesterday. Great weather (compared to where I'm from). I shared a hot fudge Sundae at Ghiradeli Square with my 7 yo today. Double yum!

    If you see a husband telling his three kids to stop hitting or making fun of each other, and a wife with a distant, I'm-in-my-happy-place-cause-I'm-thinking-about-my-novel look, that's me. :D

    Have a great trip, Authoress!

  18. Just to say my husband has the latest Panasonic Lumix with all the added extras and I inherited his old one, which I think takes better photos, lol!


  19. My happiest moment was on Friday, when my daughters didn't fight for a whole day! (I guess it was an accident because they're back to fighting now). I'll mark 11/11/11 in my calendar of perfect days. ;-)

    (p.S.: my word verification is wooness, how fitting is that!?)