Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Three Questions for Authoress

Our own Peter Salomon (MSFV success story and soon-to-be-published!) has graciously interviewed me on his blog. His "three questions" format gives a fresh spin on the traditional interview, and was certainly fun!

READ IT HERE.  Then leave a kind word or two for Peter.  He's a wonderful, behind-the-scenes guy, maintaining a mailing list for all the MSFV success story folks, and welcoming each newly-announced person to the growing gang.  I'm thankful for his kind heart and people-personness.  (Yes.  That's a real adjective. Because I said so.)

Thank you, Peter!


  1. Aw, he sounds of The Awesome.

    Also, it is a proven fact: If one is--or has been--an English major, one may make any official changes to the language he or she likes, including the addition of words _thereforeto_nonexistent.

    Apparently, the captcha thingie would like to nominate "ruffledl" (or maybe that's "ruffledI").


  2. What excellent questions -- especially, "If you could talk to the 15-year-old xxxxx for five minutes, what would you tell yourself?" And what a great answer! I'm working on that myself, "Stop being afraid..."

    I didn't expect Authoress to reveal her indentity, but I would have been disappointed if he didn't try. Terrific interview!

  3. So massive loads of chocolate is what it's gonna take to get you to reaveal your name? What is your favorite? ;-)

  4. oops...added an extra "a" in reveal didn't I? (giggles)

  5. Tammy -- my favorite isn't affordable! Teuscher truffles. (OMC -- they are AMAZING.)

    I don't know. "Reaveal" is kinda cool. Like Re-aveal. We just have to come up with a compelling definition for "aveal." :)

  6. I've never tried Teusher truffles, but I've seen them, they look yummy. Those are the champagne truffles with the powdered sugar from Switzerland?

    "Aveal" Lol the new definition for Authoress revealing her true idenity. ;-)

  7. Yes, they're from Switzerland, but they have some US distribution, too. They're best known for their champagne truffles (which are incredible!) but they have an entire assortment of drool-worthy truffles and it's hard to decide which are yummiest!

  8. Peter Salomon the best)
    Thanks so much for the really interesting interviews. I’m glad authoress introduced us to your site.