Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Update: The First-Kiss Phone Call

Your responses were so heartfelt--and divided--that I feel the need to let you all know what went down.

(Don't know what I'm talking about?  Read this.)

So he called me.  But I was in the shower, so I missed the call (talk about timing, right?).  I called back--and got his voice mail.  Not an auspicious beginning, right?

But then, minutes later, he called again.  And we talked for an hour.

And it was fine.  Absolutely, positively fine.  Not awkward.  Not weird.  Not angst-y.

He's grown from a confused, egocentric teen into a thoughtful, intelligent man.  (Well, probably he was intelligent back then, too.  But idiocy tends to trump intelligence when one is 17.)  He spoke with great nostalgia and longing of heart about our old circle of friends, and the theatre director who reached out to him when he was so young and lost.  "He changed my life," he said. "I've spent the last four days trying to write a letter to him."

Since I sent him the letter and opened this doorway to his past, he's been on an emotional roller coaster.  He asked me to please pass along his contact information to "anyone and everyone."

In short, it's been amazing.  This wasn't about "old first kisses" at all.  This was about creating a connection for a man who'd lost touch with people who actually meant a lot to him.  And I am honored to have played that role.

That's my happy ending.  Mr. A was completely supportive, and I came downstairs after the phone call and filled him (and my eager parents) in on what Old Kiss and I talked about.  (In fact, I took notes.  Sort of like when I talk with my agent.)

It was all good.

Bottom line?  We were kids.  And now we're not.  And it takes grace to move on and not keep slapping the past with wet noodles.

Thank you all so much for taking a keen interest in my little situation.  All is well, and I absolutely know I made the right choice in speaking with him.  I guess you never know how God is going to use you to bless someone else.

And, yes, he did end the phone call by saying, "If I were there, I'd give you a kiss."  Which was poetic, somehow--and not at all creepy.  In fact, it felt affectionate in an okay sort of way.

(Also?  Yes, we're going to skype him into the party.  We're doing everything we can to get this old cast together, dadgummit!)


  1. How wonderful to have the chance to tie up loose ends on angst-y childhood that way. I could use some of that... :)

  2. Yes, it's truly a gift. Never dreamed I'd get to do this. It's like I now have the ability to put the entire thing to rest. No more memory-angst! :)

  3. Wow. Mr. A. is a saint. Not many men would wait downstairs while their wife talked to an old boyfriend on the phone, even if it was just a boyfriend from high school! Truly you are blessed. Congrats, happy that this turned out well. I must learn to have more faith in the male gender lol.

  4. LOL I will pass along the sainthood comment to my beloved! We talked before the call, and he realized it wasn't a big issue for me. And yes, I am truly blessed. :)

  5. Yay!! Glad it went well! (I suspected it would)

  6. Too early to tell if this is the end of a happy short story, or the first chapter of a scary thriller. The kind where the bunny rabbit ends up in the cooking pot.(Clearly, I read too many of the latter.)

    Still leery of a kiss-and-forget 'em guy who says he longs to get in touch with his old friends but who can't take two seconds to contact any of them on FB. Doesn't sound like he's moved all that far from his original self.

    Regardless, all grist for the storytellers mill.

  7. MargotG, I actually have several friends who are anti-Facebook. Honestly, I don't get it -- Facebook has been an amazing reconnection place for me. It's all about the people, and I LOVE being connected. So this guy falls into the I-don't-Facebook camp, for whatever reason. He is certainly not alone.

  8. You did check to be sure he isn't in, um, prison, right? (See, I just can't help myself.)

    But isn't this shaping up into a rather nice plot line. The heroine's morale dilemma, the conflicting advice of friends, family and complete strangers, her angst. The heroine accepting the bad boy at face value, and making up excuses for his continuing odd behavior. All we need now is to plot what happens next. None of that, they lived happily ever-after stuff. Too boring. Conflict, we need conflict. (:

    Your readers are terrific. I wonder how they would finish up this story.

  9. LOL MargotG -- you are DEFINITELY a storyteller!

    Tell you what. If you ever write the book, you can give your protagonist my real first name. ;)

    (And, yeah, he's not in prison. He's got a good job with a household-name company. Unless he's LYING....or unless someone murdered him 5 years ago and TOOK HIS PLACE, or...)

  10. This is so awesome. And it sounds like it was really good for him, too. I'm glad he's going to participate in the party in some way. That's fun. This would make a really good novel. Lol!

  11. So glad it worked out well. I think you were always going to do it, no matter what anyone else thought. Write it up, Authoress!

  12. Fantastic news. And perhaps a little feeling of closure with old I'll feelings. Glad it went well. But I wouldn't become best buds with the guy or anything. Helping him reach out to old friends and Skyping is perfect though. Fantastic:-)

  13. I'm so glad this turned out to be good - so far. And I really need to get to know MargotG!

    Last old flame that contacted me seemed like a good thing and a fun trip down memory lane, until he informed me that he and his wife 'swing' and wanted to hook up with me and mine. I didn't share that earlier because I didn't want to scare you too much.

    Please keep us in the loop after the skyping begins, okay?

  14. Oh, Cordelia! Yikes!!

    I've hooked this guy up with others in our "old gang", and he is happily connecting on the E-vite page while I've stepped back to observe. No plans for future phone calls, no weird vibes. And at least it's not "him and me" -- it's "him and everyone else whom I've told about my having found him". Safety in numbers. :)

  15. This makes me glad I was on the side of you calling him. Of course, I did think it might be awkward (b/c you probably don't have a lot in common any more), but, more importantly, good for you! I'm very glad you enjoyed your convo.