Thursday, July 3, 2014


It was fun reading all the entries!  Thank you to EVERYONE who entered.  Here are my top 10 picks, in no particular order:

@michelleimason - YA C: LIAR SOCIETY meets 12th NIGHT when 16yo Hannah becomes Gid at summer camp to catch the boy who put her brother in a coma.

@DiamondLB - Getting a new heart might not fix 17 year old Adam's broken one.

@GAKulz - MG: Brain-injured Jason becomes detective to solve case of the school bully's missing pin. Why? Jason's the number one suspect.

@kathleea - 15yo Zoey escaped from a kidnapper two years ago. He's supposed to be dead but someone is stalking her and she's sure it's him.

@AuthorEJanette - The vigilante justice business gets mighty complicated when the killer you're tracking might turn out to be you.

@almccall - Trapped in her past life, Devana becomes a pirate to survive. When she falls for the capt she must choose: love or home.

@Vampyr14 - American Pie meets The Sessions as 16 YO Ozzy struggles to dump his virginity and prove he can be a man in a wheelchair.

@JustinDHerd - Pursued by cops through a heathen port city, mobster Raine Morgan has bigger things to worry about: he just killed a god.

@jdavidsonwrites - A kill away from the sandman quota, a dream assassin learns the outlaws he killed aren't who he was told. And neither is he.

@AubreyCann - Dava must find the boy who tried to bump off her crime-boss father before he returns to finish the job.

All winners will need to post their logline and first 250 words ON THEIR OWN BLOGS, and email me the link by Sunday, July 6.  The BLOG CRITIQUE TOUR will go live on Wednesday, July 9, when everyone will have the opportunity to critique the winning entries.  (And remember -- each valid critique you leave = 1 entrance in a drawing to win a 15-page critique from AUTHORESS EDITS!)


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  1. Miss Snark, I love your choices - every entry you selected grabbed me - can't wait to read more. I hope all the writers see the success they deserve. What a great competition this one has proven.