Monday, October 16, 2017

Early Info: Submissions for the Write Her Bio Contest!

Here it is--a chance to let your creativity shine!

You don't know my name or anything about my personal life, aside from what I've chosen to share on the blog over the years.  Take what you know--and use your writerly imagination for the rest--and come up with a brief author bio for me.  Think about what you might read on a jacket flap or on an author's web site or blog--a few sentences that make it sound like you actually know everything about me.

The approach is your choice!  You can be humorous, go for something completely wacky, or do your best to try to get as close as possible to the truth.


Henrietta Toothsome spends most of her time spelunking in abandoned mines on her 4000-acre property in South Dakota.  When above ground, she enjoys writing stories while watching reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond.  She has won three local awards for her short stories, as well as a blue ribbon for the largest spaghetti squash at last year's Harvest Fair.  Her husband and three grown children live in the basement.

(Okay, not really.  I'll be more impressed if you write something that's actually believable.)

Here are the guidelines*:

  • Submissions will open at noon EDT on Friday, October 20, and will close at noon EDT on Monday, October 23.
  • Your "authoress bio" should be no more than 120 words in length.
  • Come up with a FULL NAME for me!
  • Please go HERE to submit your entry.
  • This is not a lottery; I will read all the entries and choose my favorites.
  • Two winners will each receive a Barnes and Noble e-gift card!

Any questions?  Please leave them in the comment box below!

*Those of you who actually do know me are not eligible for this contest. You know who you are. :)


  1. NOT ELIGIBLE??? But I've already polished my paragraph about your love for poutine chips and Diet Coke! :-)

    1. Well, if that just didn't give everything away, I don't know what will. 😂