Tuesday, October 31, 2017

All The Winners (Contests 2 - 5)

So many prizes to give out!  A huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated!  Here are the answers and our winner lists:


1. First Secret Agent Contest (July 2008)

2. Authoress writes ODE TO MY READERS (Feb 2009)

3. First book deal attributed to the blog (Nov 2009)

4. First Baker’s Dozen Agent Auction (Dec 2010)

5. Our first Critique Partner Dating Service (July 2012)

6. Adorable Editors (July 2013)

7. Huge rant on how tired I was of being anonymous (March 2014)

8. Our first ON THE BLOCK (Nov 2015)

9. Authoress signs with Danielle Burby (Dec 2015)

10. Authoress changes the look and title of her blog (Sept 2017)


1. Kel J. Heinen -- 1-chapter critique from Leah Peterson
2. Sasha -- 1-chapter critique from Karen Duvall
3. H. R. Sinclair -- 1-chapter critique from Peter Salomon
4. T. R. Hudgins -- 1-chapter critique from Julie Butcher


(In no particular order)

Jane Austen
Nancy Bilyeau
Jodi Meadows
Katherine Kurtz
Suzanne Collins
Patricia Mckillip
Holly Bodger
Rae Carson
Mary E. Pearson
Ruta Sepetys


Too many to list here (23)!  All winners will receive an email with instructions on how to claim your book.  Congratulations!



A. I suffer from misophonia, a disorder that makes normal human sounds, like chewing, swallowing, and breathing, unbearable to listen to.

B. I have a bone spur in the big toe of my left foot which makes it nigh impossible for me to do a proper relevé. Also it hurts when I wear heels.

C. As a child, I had my appendix removed via emergency surgery, only to later learn that my appendix was fine. This was before the days of rabid medical lawsuits (so there wasn’t one). LIE!  My appendix is alive and well inside me.


A. After college and before marriage, I put my worldly belongings inside—and on top of—a 1971 Volkswagen Super Beetle and moved to Nashville, TN.

B. In college, I founded a small campus newspaper that focused on the school of fine arts, since we were largely ignored in the shadow of the school of business. We were still largely ignored, but I had a great experience writing for those two years. LIE! I did write a scathing letter to the editor during my sophomore year, though.

C. I was the accompanist for our University Choir for 3 of my 4 years at Susquehanna University. Those rehearsals were my only experience playing a Steinway full concert grand.


A. At 17, I ran the family car into a tree, completely smashing the front and crackling the windshield. I wasn’t hurt.

B. I currently drive a 1998 Toyota Sienna. Neither door on the passenger’s side opens, because they handles have fallen off. Which means that, if I have a passenger, he has to crawl in through the other side.

C. My husband’s first brand new car had a standard transmission, which I didn’t know how to drive. He took me out for one lesson—just one—and I nailed it. LIE!  Yes, he did take me out for one lesson--and I absolutely, positively could not drive the stick shift.  He gave up and never took me out again.


A. I’ve always had a strange fascination with insects. Our 8th-grade science teacher required a minimum of 30 specimens for our insect collection. I presented him with 84. LIE! I hate bugs. I eked out 3 or 4 bugs more than the 30-bug requirement and got a C.

B. I’m afraid of heights—I can climb up, but getting down is scary. Once, in San Francisco, I climbed onto a cement thing to take pictures of the trolley turnaround, and I froze. My husband had to come rescue me (in front of lots of people).

C. I grew up believing that women weren’t supposed to drink beer. Which is probably why it’s just recently that I’ve started to appreciate certain brews.


A. My I.Q. is 138, my college G.P.A. was 3.69, and I’m an INFJ.

B. Over the years, I’ve been employed as a daycare teacher, an administrative secretary, a telemarketer, a U.S.P.S. seasonal worker, and an elementary music teacher.

C. I’ve lived in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Tennessee.  LIE! I've only lived in Pennsylvania and Tennessee.


1. Kate Larkindale -- 1-chapter critique from Danielle Burby
2. D. Strickland -- 1-chapter critique from Adam Bates
3. Susan Dalessandro -- 1-chapter critique from Holly Bodger
4. John Maffia -- 1-chapter critique from Authoress Edits


1. Mr. A and I met in college. We were both music majors. TRUE
2. I hate cashews. FALSE (OMG I love cashews.)
3. I’ve been taking Tai Chi classes for the last few years. FALSE  I take BALLET. (You knew this.)
4. I signed with Josh Getzler in 2010. TRUE
5. I’ve met Beth Revis, Jodi Meadows, and Victoria Schwab in person. FALSE  I've never met Victoria.
6. My husband gets all the credit for training me to stop writing dorky dialogue. TRUE
7. Danielle Burby is my third agent. TRUE
8. My claim to theatrical fame is the lead role of Lili in Carnival. TRUE
9. I’ve always wanted a dog, but Mr. A is allergic to them. FALSE  I'm an avowed cat person (though Mr. A is indeed allergic to cats).
10. To date, I’ve written 11 novels. Just. Keep. Swimming. TRUE


Krystal -- 6-month subscription for ONE STOP FOR WRITERS.

Congratulations, everyone!

WINNERS:  If you do not receive an email from me by the end of today, please let me know!

(Please note: The announcement of the winners of the WRITE HER BIO contest are forthcoming.)


  1. What a sneaky gal you are! Thanks for all the fun! May the big reveal commence!!

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