Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Fricassee

Hello, Dear Ones.

I love to sit back and watch the energy flow among you as you give and receive critiques.  Thank you for another round of loveliness.  Entrants, I hope you're coming away with some solid gems to help you along your writing/revision path for these projects.

Word of advice that I should probably say more often:  Let the comments marinate for a while before implementing anything.  If you have a printer, print them out and tuck them away for a couple of days.  Or swipe them into a document to read later.  Responding swiftly to a critique may not yield the results you need.

I've got to tell you that I actually gushed about you during my job interview last Friday.  As serendipity would have it, the gal who interviewed me was also a writer.  As in, fiction.  You can imagine the immediate connection that happened.  When I began to explain my revelation about the relationship between "voice" (in novel writing) and copywriting, she nodded her head as I spoke.  She's one of us--she gets it.

So she also understood me when I spoke of the writing community and how it's truly one of the best groups of folks I've ever been a part of--not only here, but in so many varied places across the Internet.  I probably sound like some sort of bloated Mother Hen when I talk about you, but I can't help it.  I'm proud of who you are, and I'm blessed to be among you.

I haven't heard anything this week, interview-wise.  That could mean anything or it could mean nothing, but there you have it.  I'm thinking it might mean that someone else floated to the top.  But this whole process is so outside my daily experience that I really have no idea.  (Anyone care to enlighten me?)  At any rate, the next (final) step would be an interview with the CEO.  Which would make me ten times more nervous than I was last Friday.

One thing I've noticed in my life in the past month or so is that I've been dropping balls.  And I am NOT a ball dropper.  Seriously forgetting things--like needing to bring something important with me, or remembering a scheduled meeting, or making an appointment.  (Well, okay.  I majorly procrastinate appointment-making as a general rule, so that one probably doesn't count.)

I'm hating this.  I'm hating the feeling that I'm dropping things and leaving holes and presenting myself as scattered.  I may be a tad hasty, but I'm not scattered.  Not generally.  Mr. A says it's because I have a lot on my mind.  Well, other than the job thing, I'm not sure what "a lot" means.

There is my birthday a week from today, which is one of the ends-in-zero birthdays that makes you reevaluate your whole stinkin' life.  So there's that.  It's the birthday-I-hoped-to-be-published-before.  And I'm not.  So I've had to deal with that.

Probably I just need a lot more chocolate.  Yeah, that must be it!

But it's all good.  I've decided to celebrate my birthday for the entire weekend, which is a bit out of character for me, too.  Life is such a gift, though, so I've decided to stay in my thankful place and simply rejoice that I'm here.  That I live and breathe and have something to offer, no matter how small.

Also?  Last night I had many several slices of a CARAMEL APPLE DIPPED IN WHITE CHOCOLATE.  Oh. My. Stars.  I'm not ashamed to admit that I licked every morsel of chocolate from the plate, once the slices were gone.  Yes, I really did do that.  Why waste perfectly good white chocolate?

Happy writing, happy weekend, and hugs to you all!


  1. How wonderful is it when you connect with someone "out in the real world" about a passion that mainly lives inside your own head and in a digital space? I have had similar experiences and can relate to that feeling of, "Oh! A kindred spirit!" :)

    As for dropping balls and birthdays that end in zeros with unachieved goals...sigh. I can relate on both accounts. The nice thing is that they are stages, fleeting or otherwise, and like the rest of life, we'll grow through them. Happy birthday!

  2. I hate aging, mainly for things that I thought happened 5 years ago, but it was 9, or that a movie I remember loving was in theatets 20 years ago. But then I think of my grandma, who was thankful for every small thing in her life, and frequently stated how grateful she was for each passing year. In her 70s she'd say things like, "I don't feel a day over 50!" and in her 80s she'd say "I don't feel a day over 65!" Even when aging caught up to her physical body, she'd say she was grateful she never lost her sharp mind. And she didn't lose that sharpness, all the way up to 92.

    Anyway, perspective.

    Happy Friday!

  3. Those 'birthdays that end in zeros' are merely numbers--they do not define you, or constrain you. They are merely a societal convention which can drag you down if you let 'em. My calendar says (nearly) 58, but my mind still screams 23. And I'll have my first novel published right before that 58th birthday in July. Did it take too long. Yeah. Was it worth the wait? Absolutely. Time happens, and you can't change it unless you happen to own a Tardis, so we just have to learn to deal with what comes, and live it and love it to the best of our abilities.

    With that in mind--happy birthday! Best of luck in the interviewing/job searching arena (never fun, but again often a necessary evil). I wish you well. Your wit, enthusiasm and drive are an inspiration to many, and those of us out here in 'Snark-land' care for your and are rooting for you.


  4. Fingers crossed for a "probably" meeting with the CEO. As a former CEO, trust me when I say, we are excited to meet you...having narrowed the field this far, we just want to make sure your the right fit and that you value the commitment we plan to make in you --as much as "we" do.

    Having said that, I'm just loving this community too. Thanks for all you do.

    Loved Stephsco's comments. I'm still feeling the 90's we much more recent...ugh!

    All the best!! We've earned it.

    1. Thank you so much, Gee Whiz! (Okay, those sound like lyrics to a 1930s song...)

  5. Oh, the interview process. It's so much like querying. And the big nothing you hear means--the CEO passed a kidney stone, and everybody in the office is scrambling to rearrange her schedule, that.

    1. LOL I really need to hug you right now, Chris.