Thursday, April 9, 2015

Name That Genre -- Guidelines

Welcome to our second-ever round of NAME THAT GENRE!


1.  First, GUESS THE GENRE.  Please be sure to write this FIRST in the comment box.
2.  Then, briefly mention why you feel the excerpt is this particular genre.
3.  There is no need to do a full critique on the entries!



It's obvious in the 2nd sentence that her husband is a cyborg, since she's reattaching his left leg.  Also she mentions she'll miss the transplanetary shuttle if she doesn't hurry.

Note:  If you can't guess, say so!


There is nothing in your opening paragraphs that gives me a sense of genre.  At first I thought it was historical, but then you mentioned a skateboard and something about a dragon, so...

BONUS:  Each comment you leave equals one entry in a drawing to win a free 5-page edit from Authoress Edits.  There are 40 excerpts, so you have up to 40 chances to win!


1.  Yes, you may post guesses, too!
2.  IMPORTANT:  You must leave a comment ON YOUR OWN POST telling us what the genre is.  DO NOT DO THIS UNTIL THE GUESSING PERIOD HAS ENDED.  You will then have 24 hours to return to the blog and give us your answer.

IF YOU DON'T LET US KNOW WHAT THE GENRE IS, YOUR ENTRY WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.  I can't count winning guesses if I don't know what you've written!


The guessing window will close at 11:59 PM EDT ON FRIDAY.  Any guesses received after that time will not be counted toward the total.

Entrants, you will have until NOON EDT ON SUNDAY to let us know what your genre is.  I will post the 10 winners next Monday.

Have fun!


  1. Authoress, I am working from a list of literary genres and sub-genres listed on Wikipedia. I hope I am using the same definitions you use. Sorry if I am goofing up.

  2. Authoress, if my entry is a combo genre, but only one is apparent in the first page, does that count as a correct guess?

  3. S.D. -- You're giving me too much credit. LOL I'm just going by whatever the authors have called their work.

    Anon -- Yes, that counts as correct!

  4. It's depressing to see how the number of comments decrease as you go further down the entries. Everyone should have at least 39 comments! I'm hoping it just takes time for people to work their way down the list, though.

  5. Sorry, they had a huge problem at the server and we had no internet connection anywhere here in Vienna/Austria for - well until 30 minutes ago... Sorry entry 4 is late :( Darn.

    1. No worries, Claudia; I got your tally in time.