Monday, April 13, 2015


So I've tallied the votes, and here are the 11 entries (because the last 5 had 25 votes each, so I had to include them all) with the most correct guesses:

 #2  Mystery/Thriller
 #3  NA Contemporary
#17 YA SF
#18 YA Paranormal Fantasy
#19  MG Fantasy
#27  YA Fantasy
#30  YA Contemporary Romance
#31  SF
#32  YA Fantasy
#37  SF
#40  Fantasy/Noir

CONGRATULATIONS, AUTHORS!  Please email me your first 300 words by 8:00 PM EDT on Tuesday, April 14.  (If I don't receive your entry in time, it won't be included.)  Please use the WEB FORM.

Note to all:  Tallying the votes was kind of messy.  Some of you did not honor my request to put your vote FIRST and your reasons second.  This was to make it easier for me to scroll down and read the guesses quickly.  The second problem was that Blogger decided to spit out double comments--a lot.  That is NOT your fault.  And, thirdly, sometimes the genres were sort of in a gray area, and I had to decide which guesses were okay.

At any rate, my decisions are final.  I did my best.  I promise!

The 11 winning entries will post on Wednesday.


  1. Authoress,
    Thanks for a fun contest. It had to be a TON of work to sort through all of these!

    1. It was admittedly more work than I realized. What was I thinking? ;)

  2. This was fun. Thanks! I confess I didn't always remember to follow the directions and was sometimes rather wishy-washy with m guess, but I promise to do better if you ever host this again.

  3. This is so much fun! Thanks, Authoress. I hope you do again it soon. To make it easier next time, maybe you could provide specific categories for people to choose. With an "other" category for mash ups.

  4. Thanks Authoress! Great fun. Congrats to the winners. Although I'm not moving forward with the 300 pages, I am grateful for the crit ideas and suggestions I received on my entry. Most appreciated! :)

  5. I would like to say how much I appreciate the way you give everybody a chance to get some exposure. This is unique in the writing world contest. So, thank you :)

  6. I feel bad for the writers working in contemporary genres. They can't just throw in a dragon to give the genre away. (Cough yes I did that cough.)

    Thank you for running this competition!