Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Reposting the Ode

I'm still digesting your collective wisdom and advise from last week's Friday Fricassee.  "Blown away" doesn't adequately express it (and is clichéd, at any rate).

So here's a reposting of the Ode I first wrote in 2009.  It still applies--perhaps even more so.

Enjoy.  And I'll move things back to some semblance of normal around here.  I promise. :)

Ode To My Readers

Oh writers all, who browse this blog
And read its rambling prose,
Who share with me the ups and downs
Of writers' joys and woes;

I raise my feathered hat to you
For all that you have shared --
Your thoughts, your hearts, your manuscripts
(For those of you who've dared).

You've bared your souls and shared your dreams
And asked your questions, too;
I count myself so fortunate
To walk this path with you.

For writing is a solitary,
Lonely sort of thing,
Despite the satisfaction
And the pleasure it may bring.

So reaching out across the miles
Of crowded cyberspace
To touch the lives of other scribes
With neither voice nor face

Is something that we dearly need,
To keep our muses fed,
To offer up encouragement
When hope is nearly dead,

To shout "Hooray!" at each success
And "Boo!" when things go wrong,
To lovingly point out that excess
Adverbs don't belong.

So join me while I celebrate
The gift of knowing you,
And thank you all for coming here
And doing what you do.

You're strong, you're brave, you're talented --
Keep going, never doubt!
For living life with passion
Is what life is all about.


  1. That was a beautiful and well-rhymed poem! Thank you for sharing and for all your love and devotion to writing and your fellow writers with this blog. The fact that you didn't blog on Monday or Tuesday might mean that change has arrived. I'm truly grateful to have been able to participate on your blog. The giving and receiving critiques not only has honed my craft, but has made me feel connected to you and others on this long, writing road trip of ours. Old dreams fade into new ones, passions are reborn, and life writes on.

  2. Love it! Thanks for all you do, Authoress! This is such a great forum--laughs, love, and quality insight. Keep the faith--one and all.

  3. Your lovely! That's all that needs saying. Well, maybe one thing more. Whatever happens with that new job, don't stress. You'll be amazed when things get busier how much you seem to rise to the occasion. I have no doubt, you'll fly!

  4. Love it! So true. I hadn't seen it before, so thanks for re-posting. Also, thanks, again, for the post about Nancy Bilyeau's new book. I got The Crown and while I haven't yet read it, my daughter did and really liked it. She enjoyed the history- such a nice change from all the fantasy YA (which we do still love).

  5. Fantastic! Thanks for reposting it from 2009. Very well said.