Monday, July 20, 2009

Secret Agent Unveiled: LAUREN MACLEOD

Heartfelt thanks to the warm and wonderful Lauren E. MacLeod of The Strothman Agency for gracing our contest with her thoughtful comments and critique!

Lauren's bio:

Lauren E. MacLeod originally joined the Strothman Agency as an assistant after graduating cum laude from Emerson College with a BFA in Writing, Literature and Publishing. Lauren’s primary areas of interests at The Strothman Agency are middle grade novels, young adult fiction and nonfiction, as well as highly polished literary fiction and narrative nonfiction. In addition to the editorial side of agenting, Lauren is also interested in helping her clients create effective digital platforms. She also tweets (@bostonbookgirl).

What Lauren is currently looking for:

The Strothman Agency, LLC specializes in nonfiction, particularly books by journalist and scholars, but Lauren’s primary areas of interest is young adult and middle grade fiction and nonfiction. She is currently on the look out for more contemporary YA, funny MG, and books with a strong foodie element. She would love to see more MG or YA nonfiction in her inbox.

On the adult side, Lauren is also looking for literary fiction and narrative nonfiction, especially narrative nonfiction about quirky or unexamined people, places, or events (books like THE ORCHID THIEF or client Christopher White’s forthcoming SKIPJACK, about the last sailing oystermen).

She has a soft spot for books about sunken ships.

Thank you, Lauren, for doing a wonderful job. And thank you, authors, for throwing your work out there and for investing time in critiquing the work of your colleagues.

Forthcoming: Our winners!


  1. Thanks, Lauren, for all the great feedback--not that I was entered.

    Since she doesn't rep my previous genre (YA paranormal), she wasn't an agent I was familiar with. She's now on my list of potential agents for my new--as in I'm still outlining it--YA contemporary novel. No sunken ships though. ;)

  2. reading all the feedback was a great learning curve for me -thanks!

  3. I agree. It was like getting a peek inside an agent's brain as she reads through her slush pile. Thanks Lauren!

  4. Thanks, Lauren. I didn't enter this round, but I enjoyed reading your comments.

    I really appreciate the time you spent doing this. And I agree - there's something about sunken ships that's just compelling.

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