Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Fricassee

Happy Friday!

As the critiques for our first WHAT'S BROKEN round still trickle in, let me know your thoughts.  Has reading the critiques of longer excerpts been helpful? Do you feel like the collective critiques for each entry are pointing the authors in the right direction?

And if yours is one of the five, has this been a positive experience?

You know I'll always try to repeat things that really work well. So today I need your honest feedback.

As for me, I've eaten far too many chocolate frogs this week (like, an entire box).  I love revisions--you all know I do--but I tend to do things like eat entire boxes of chocolate frogs when things feel angsty.

Still, I got to chat with my awesome agent on his birthday, and that was fun.  He is an endless source of encouragement, optimism, and clear vision.  How did I ever get along without him?

(It wasn't chocolate frogs.  Because those are a new development in my life, thanks to Holly Bodger.)

Anyway, thanks in advance for your comments on WHAT'S BROKEN.  And for not judging me on the chocolate frog consumption.  And for, well, being consistently wonderful.

'Til Monday!


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  2. For some reason, Authoress, the image of you eating chocolate frogs has me picturing you in Princess garb.

    As to your is hard to put into words how much it helps me to read others' writing and the "ah-ha!" moments I get when I see someone else doing wrong what I'm also doing wrong.

    Longer excerpts? I say "bring 'em on!" Five pages feels like too much, but 2-3 pages seems like a sweet spot for finding a pattern of writing issues in someone's work.

    I didn't enter anything this time, but I'd say the comments I read really pointed out everyone's main issues at a high level - which is the very feedback a writer needs to make consistent changes throughout their MS.

    I personally, have printed out the following advice from K. Cooper on entry#1 and posted it on my workspace. I didn't have an entry here, but this advice is stellar:
    "Keeping mystery in the story, keeping the reader asking questions that make them turn the page--this is different than keeping them at arm's length ... Remember that the only question you need readers to ask in the first few pages is: "What happens next?" ..."

  3. I liked reading the longer length excerpts. I did feel that I was repeating what others had said most of the time but I said it again anyway because I felt the writer should know; if one person says something, then it might be personal opinion but if lots say it then there's probably something that needs changing.

  4. Because someone asked, the chocolate frogs are from (also available from Saks).

  5. I was #3 in yesterday's critique session and learned a lot from the awesome commenters. Thank you so much, Authoress, for giving me the opportunity to share. Happy Friday!

  6. I thought this was awesome! I really enjoyed getting to read the longer excerpts, and felt that it gave the critiquers (is that even a word? looks weird) a chance to really see what was going on with the piece on a deeper level. And the feedback was really good and insightful, and I took things away for my own work. I hope everyone who participated got something out of it! Thanks Authoress, your the best!

  7. *you're, ugh TGIF!!

  8. As a participant, it was wonderful to get feedback on a longer piece. The feedback answered my primary questions about the transition, which can be harder to showcase with a smaller word count. It was great to see what was working or not working for the critique givers.

    I also tried to give feedback to all of the other participants (unless I felt anything I had to say had already been said), and I agree with CourtneyC. The longer sections give more time to identify possible patterns instead of wondering if the issue is just a one shot deal.

    Thanks for the opportuniy, Authoress!

  9. Also, thanks for ignoring my typos! :)

  10. I didn't submit anything this time, but I loved the concept of this crit round. I also liked the longer samples, especially if it's not an "Are you hooked?" first page sample. I've read the five pieces and will try to add some helpful comments tonight.