Thursday, December 15, 2011

Baker's Dozen Exclusive Period Over!

Just to let you all know what's going on behind the scenes:

Today the one-week exclusive on winning bids has expired.  This means that ALL the agents may email me and ask me for ANYTHING they'd like to see from the Baker's Dozen Agent Auction.

And the requests are already rolling in.  Many are from agents who were outbid on items they wanted.  Some are for entries on which the agent didn't even bid.

One is for an entry that didn't receive any bids in the auction.

See?  You never know!

At any rate, sending the requests to the authors isn't as streamlined as I'd like it to be, so please give me several days to get these done.  If you don't hear from me in, say, a week, you can assume that your entry has not received any further requests.  You should then feel free to query any of the agents from our list on your own (provided you've edited/revised your work).

And so the fun continues!  We've got battling agents and a scheduled phone call and who knows what else.  Hopefully I'll have some success stories to share in the weeks and months ahead!


  1. The excitement continues! After this, I think all your loyal MSFVers should band together to send you a truckload of Teuschers.

  2. Yay! Does this mean that the exclusive agents will be contacting us TODAY? Do you already know if people are offering rep?

  3. No, there's no guarantee they'll contact you today, because they may not have actually finished reading. It's just that their exclusive is up, and they'll have to share the love if others request your stuff. :)

  4. Congrats to all those getting requests and an extra *glee* for the bid-less one who got a request, hope all of ya get some good results out of it. ^_^

  5. Hooray, sounds like lots of fun going on! And I second the congrats to the bid-less one who got a request!

  6. So exciting! I can't wait to see if there are any agent success stories that come out of this - I hope so! It's so encouraging to hear about things like that, it gives me more motivation to get things finished & revised so that maybe I can enter something next year.


  7. So exciting! I look forward to hearing all success stories! :D

  8. And lets not get too hung up on defining what counts as a success story. What that means is, success stories are mostly like to be an indirect result of contests and blog, but rather the critiques and the vast knowledge of the writers here.