Monday, December 12, 2011

Dragon Moon Press: Call For Submissions

Gabrielle Harbowy has once again requested an MSFV announcement of Dragon Moon Press's open submissions!

Dragon Moon Press is open for submissions through December 31, and they're looking specifically for epic fantasy / sword and sorcery / high fantasy, and for contemporary urban fantasy. They focus on the adult market, but they will consider YA-friendly and YA-crossover titles.

Dragon Moon Press's MSFV-related success stories include JM Frey and Leah Petersen (whose book FIGHTING GRAVITY is forthcoming in April!), and their books have been winners and finalists of writing awards like ForeWord Book of the Year, the Bram Stoker Award, Sir Julius Vogel, IPPY and Endeavour.

THE SUBMISSION GUIDELINES ARE HERE. Please read them carefully.

Also, when you submit, please mention that you were referred through this site (so that Gabrielle can credit success stories where they're due!).


  1. Cool!

    By specifically, do you mean only those genres? Or will they consider others?

  2. Seems to be only those genres at the moment.

    What a pity I'm under the minimum wordcount. 24k words short on my only completed fantasy piece.
    Still, looks like a place to bookmark for other times.

  3. They are specifically looking for those genres at this time.

  4. The word count is unfortunate.

  5. This is how I found DMP last year and they are THE BEST! I <3 Authoress for posting about them and I <3 Gabrielle for being the best editor ever.

    They do sci-fi too usually, so if you're a sci-fi writer, you should check them out again next December.

  6. I'm surprised at the word count minimum given that many UF's are slimmer than 90k. I think I generally see them at close to 75-80k.