Tuesday, May 7, 2013

First Kiss Critique

This should be a fun round!

The guidelines:

  • If you're one of the 40 entrants, PLEASE CRITIQUE A MINIMUM OF 5 OTHER ENTRIES. This is your way to give back.  And yes, my database tells me who leaves critiques, and how many.  (I don't make a big deal about this; I believe in the honor system.  But, yeah. Not everyone critiques when they should.)
  • Mostly, the authors need to know if these scenes are working.  As you critique, bear in mind that it's tricky to be dropped into the middle of a novel, even with a lead-in (some are missing these; oh, day-when-everyone-follows-directions; where are you?).  So do your best to focus on what's there instead of trying to figure out what's not.
  • As always, honesty-with-tact.  Which is something the vast majority of you are quite good at.
Have fun!  I certainly had fun reading them all. *smile*


  1. Aww. That makes me sad that people don't always do the crits. I always try to do more than the minimum, but this makes me want to try even harder to get to everyone's entry

  2. I love reading and commenting. It's amazing how much you can learn as a writer by noticing what works and what doesn't in someone else's scene.

  3. Thank you, Authoress, for allowing me the opportunity to get feedback on this scene. Your blog is AWESOME! And thanks to everyone who took the time to critique #15. Your comments have been so helpful!

  4. You're so welcome, Maddi! Glad you're here. :)

  5. You are a light to all! I love how you give back. Thanks for making a difference. It's much more fun to travel this journey with other writers, than go it alone (and get lost). I received awesome feedback, and know exactly how to perfect my scene. Thanks everyone!!!!

  6. A huge thank you from over this side of the pond for doing this. I got loads of great feedback for #13, so thank you to everyone who took the time to comment too.