Sunday, May 19, 2013

Secret Agent: Slight Delay

Our Secret Agent has respectfully requested one extra day to finish.  I knew you'd all survive if you had to wait until Tuesday, so I cheerfully agreed.

Thanks for understanding.  (Because, as you all know, life sometimes simply happens.)



  1. That's fine with me.

    I don't think people who run these contests realize how nice it is for writers to know that by a given date you'll be told if you made it or not.

    Compare that to weeks (or months!) of waiting for an agent or publisher to respond, especially when many of them are now in the "no response means no" category. Sometimes I feel like I'm shoving my queries in bottles and tossing them into the Pacific.

    "You'll have to wait until Tuesday" is a breath of fresh arctic air by comparison!

  2. I hate 'no response means no'. My first interaction with an agent was to contact them for a critique I had won. I waited a month, then nudged only to find out the email went to spam. :(

    It's made me incredibly paranoid about submitting to agents in the future.

  3. Thank you, tomalanbrosz -- I hate when things aren't "perfect", even when it's no big deal. You've made me twitch a little less. ;-)

    Anon -- I hear you.