Tuesday, July 30, 2013

And so I'm leaving in the morning...

Part of me gets all "I can't leave them! I can't let the blog chug silently along without me!".  But the bigger part of me does cartwheels and dances on furniture in sheer abandon.

So here's the deal.  I've never been away from the blog during a submission process.  Not that I'm all that necessary, mind you!  Michael's automated systems works beautifully on its own.  The reason I like to hang around is just to make sure there are no problems.  So on Monday the 5th, if you run into a problem, please email Michael at katowulf(at)gmail.com.

Note:  Please don't email to ask a silly question or to tell him how awesome he is (even though it's true) or to explain why the third line of your submission has to be in blue italics (no, it doesn't).  Save your emails for legitimate problems or concerns.  Other than that, let the bot do its work.

On Wednesday the 7th, I will check my email once or twice during the day.  If you notice a formatting error in your submission, please email me right away.  I will fix those for you.  (Mr. A and I will be back from our "second honeymoon" by then, so I will have a little time at my parents' house to check in here.)

If you are planning to enter the SA, please save the information in this post!  I want to make sure everyone knows the game plan.


If I am, please comment below.  Otherwise--SEE YOU A WEEK AND A HALF!  Keep writing, keep believing, keep delighting in the small moments.



  1. It appears you've got everything covered. Enjoy your time away :-)

  2. Have a good time and send us a postcard!:)

  3. If your vacation destination knows what's good for it, it will have lots of chocolate! Have a wonderful time.