Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Secret Agent: Critiquing Guidelines

Guidelines for Critique on MSFV:
  • Please leave your critique for each entry in the comment box for that entry.
  • Please choose a screen name to sign your comments. The screen name DOES NOT have to be your real name; however, it needs to be an identifiable name.  ("Anonymous" is not a name.)
  • Critiques should be honest but kind, helpful but sensitive.
  • Critiques that attack the writer or are couched in unkind words will be deleted.*
  • Cheerleading IS NOT THE SAME as critiquing.  Please don't cheerlead.
  • Having said that, it is perfectly acceptable to say positive things about an entry that you feel is strong.  To make these positive comments more helpful, say why it's a strong entry.
  • ENTRANTS: As your way of "giving back", please critique a minimum of 5 other entries.


  1. 2 alternate entries?

  2. I usually don't see authors leave comments on their own entry posts. Are we allowed to thank the critiquers in the comments after the contest is over? They've been really helpful so far!

  3. You're welcome to thank them! But be aware that most of them won't see your post -- it's not often that people revisit the posts on which they've left comments.

  4. I still thank them because some use eMail alerts. It seems polite to me since they put so much effort in critiquing.

    @Authoress: I'll be gone from tomorrow on. I did manage, against all odds, to go through all the entries. Should my entry be chosen as a winner (which I do not expect, but the critique here is always very helpful), could you let the agent know I'll be in touch in August?