Monday, November 17, 2008

And We Have Winners!!

I think it's safe to say that Ms. Lindsay culled a slew (batch? gaggle? mother lode?) of gems from our Secret Agent Premium Slush Pile. I'm delighted to announce her hand-picked winners:

Honorable Mentions:

Entry #4 - Stealing Ellum by Brimfire
Entry #13 - The Peculiar Princess by Christy
Entry #20 - Strangely Charming by ipgirl
Entry #33 - Love? Please! (A Tale of the Holy Water Warriors) by Goddessmarne
Entry #38 - On Ice by June

The prize:

Ms. Lindsay requests that you each send her your query letter and the first ten pages of your manuscript. PLEASE EMAIL ME (AUTHORESS) FOR SPECIFIC SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS.

Three second-place winners:

Entry #12 - Goose Feathers by Windsong
Entry #28 - Sloan Wolfe by Margay1122
Entry #23 - Into the Woods by Merryday

The prize:

An evaluation of your query and the first three chapters or fifty pages (whichever comes first) of your manuscript. PLEASE EMAIL ME (AUTHORESS) FOR SPECIFIC SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS.

And the first-place winner:

Entry #2 - And You Shall Find by Carnation

The prize:

A full manuscript evaluation, including the query and synopsis. PLEASE EMAIL ME (AUTHORESS) FOR SPECIFIC SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS.

Warm congratulations to all our winners! Please send your emails to facelesswords(at) and I will let you know exactly what to do next.

And to all of you: thank you for being courageous and teachable and, well, downright naked. Anyone who puts his work in front of the masses to be (potentially) ripped apart deserves applause.

I applaud you all.


  1. *picks self up off the floor*

    You are exactly right, Authoress: We all deserve a chocolate margarita--at the least--for putting up our work for all to see. I've been the unchosen a LOT of times and I applaud everyone here.

    *goes off to make a batch of said margaritas*

  2. I'm surprised Entry #21(not my entry) wasn't on her list. . . that was one she was hooked on.

    But, Congrads to everyone who placed!

    #2 was one of my favorites, so congrads and keep us posted if you sell the book!

    This was fun! I'd like to do it again!

    Good work on the comments everyone!

  3. Colleen -

    On some of the entries you gave helpful tips, but never said whether you were hooked or not.

    (I was #9), but there were around fourteen entries you were either usure of or never said if you were hooked.

    Does this mean that if we revised, you would have been interested?

    Just curious ;)

    *They were wonderful tips though!

  4. Congratulations, everyone!

    It's even more fun reading these when you're not entered. ;)

  5. Hey congrats to all the winners! What great prizes - really great prizes - really, really fan-feaking-tastic.

    Wah. I'm jealous.

    Hopefully, I'll have my MS ready for the next secret agent round...

    A special shout to Carnation: yay! it does take guts to post, but look at the reward! So enjoy that margarita...

  6. Congratulations, winners! And everyone who entered, you're a winner, too, just for putting your work out there. Kudos! I didn't enter, but I read every entry and they were all great. Give yourselves a big pat on the back.

  7. Huge congratulations to everyone. Looking forward to future contests (I hope!) that I can take part in :)

  8. Congrats to the winners!

    As usual, this was a complete eye-opener for me. My entry was a total snooze-fest (as agreed by me and all the commenters). I'm so appreciative of everyone who gave constructive criticism.

    A special thanks to one fabulous anonymous poster who even wrote a few suggested revisions! They were super helpful, gave me a brainwave and now I've rewritten my entire intro.

    Ms. Lindsay had loads of helpful things to say and I am grateful. Her comments were spot-on.

    Authress--you're a treasure! Thanks so much!

  9. Congratulations everyone!!!

    And another special thank you to Ms. Lindsay and Authoress!

  10. Do you know if there is an LJ feed of your blog?

  11. Authoress! This is always such fun. I never tire of these. And great "prizes" too!

    Good luck to all the "winners" and all who entered. I hope you find the representation that is right for you.

  12. Okay, so my other comment became lost in cyber-space, so...
    (abbreviated version)
    Thanks so much, Ms. Lindsay, for judging our entries and for the wonderful prizes; Authoress, for putting on such a great critique opportunity; and Karen Duvall, for turning me on to this blog...the first I've ever been to (I really need to get with the times).
    And congratulations to everyone who submitted, and especially all those who won.

  13. Whoa! What a fantastic surprise to come home to.

    Thanks so much, Authoress, for setting these contests up and to Ms. Lindsay for sacrificing not only some of your time, but a big part of your weekend as well. Y'all are brilliant!


  14. He, Marne, I thought that was you! Congrats! 8^)

  15. WAY better than the prizes last time!

  16. Congrats to everyone!

    *is envious, but very happy for you guys*

    Authoress... I wondered if there was a way to put links to the winning stories here in the announcing message. Only because clicking is quicker and easier than scrolling... < a >_< a >