Monday, September 21, 2009

This week on the blog...

Hey fellow writers!

We're going to get back to some 1000-word critiques on the blog this week. Currently, I'm in the middle of getting in touch with the authors who have submitted and whose numbers have come up (so far we've done 20). I'm hoping to post the excerpts tomorrow.

To the newbies: If you are interested in adding your 1000-word excerpt to the queue (that's the FIRST 1000 words of your novel), please send your submission to me at facelesswords(at) with 1000 WORDS in the subject line. I will assign you a "queue number" (I think we're somewhere in the 50s right now).

And please remember: If, while waiting in the queue, you decide to enter a Secret Agent contest, please email me to REMOVE your entry from the queue. After the contest, you can resubmit your entry, taking a spot further down the queue. All, as always, for the sake of fairness.

Please post your 1000-word questions in the comment box and I will try to get to them today!


  1. Hi Authoress,

    I don't remember if I submitted my first 1000. Should I send you an email or can you tell me here in the comments? It would be under the username Rosepddle. Thanks!

  2. Are you posting 5 again? 21-25?

  3. I'm ready to get in the queue for 1000 words! Do you want name or just the email ID as identification of the selection?