Thursday, September 17, 2009

Life Schmife

New ground here, so naturally I want to be sure I'm not alone.


Okay, it's like this. I've hit my stride and I don't want to do anything but write. We're talking...nothing. Not food preparation, not putting make-up on, not having lunch with my girlfriend, not any other kind of work or life Stuff.

I want to write. I only want to write.

I've finished my second draft and it's sitting in reader queues, waiting to be ripped part (*sweats*). I've begun the starting-from-scratch rewrite of the MG fantasy that's been patiently waiting in the wings for major surgery.

I'm GOING PLACES. And I don't want to stop.

In fact, I don't even want to be blogging. Scrivener is screaming at me to begin, begin. So off I go.

Oh, but I must tell you. I am feasting on THREE MINUTE SINGLE SERVING CHOCOLATE CAKE as I write. Complete with white chocolate chips.

My, my. Life is SWEET!


  1. Ah, the days of obsession - jotting down notes at stoplights (and actually praying for a red light), sending a gazillion emails to myself throughout the day, leaving myself voice messages, ignoring my beloved other half, losing weight because all I wanted to do was write! Yes, those are the great days of a writer's life that happen far too rarely.

    Enjoy these moments and . . . write, write, write. We'll survive - barely - without your presence in the blogsphere. Just don't stay gone too long!


  2. I love streaks like that--I wrote my entire first book in six weeks. But right now, I'm struggling to find time to get more than a few hundred words a day written. So I'm jealous!!

    Good luck!

  3. Take it and run with it! And the choc cake is a wonderful thing. ;)

  4. I'm feeling it big time at the moment. I'm halfway through the WIP and real life has turned around and kicked me in the butt big-time. It's hard to concentrate on writing when, barring a miracle, my family and I have to leave the US by December 18th.

  5. Been there and loved it. I'd sit in the seat for hours on end--and oops, where did those 5 hours go. Even if I was hungry, it would have to wait until I was really hungry. Then of course, I get interrupted by something and lose my flow. :-)


  6. Ride that wave as long as you can! Life (and the internet) will still be here when you are done.

  7. That is so me! I've just finished my recent WIP in 4 weeks, writing in eight hour blocks. I even forgot to call my BF on Wed for her birthday because I was lost in my edits. Isn't that awful?
    Plus no-one in my life understands because they don't have this strange compulsion that takes over their life!

    Except, I NEVER forget to eat!

  8. That is EXACTLY how I get during first drafts-even the idea of going to the bathroom is annoying bc I cant take my laptop with me! Those are awesome streaks but I think its a good thing it doesnt last forever.

  9. Um, you'd better hand over that chocolate cake recipe pronto!

    I'm getting to the stride, too. Life keeps interrupting me, and it's ticking me off. Hah.

  10. I've got a new ms building in my brain and I'm really hoping I'll be sharing your experience very soon. Including the cake :)

  11. I love that part. Forget everything else and keep up the good words. =o)

  12. Love this post! Here's what I did when I was at the peak of a demanding life. Full time job, two kids, hubby, dog, cat, and yaknow, friends. Nano taught me to COMBINE to make time. SO...I'd walk the dog with a kid or two and talk about stuff, um, connect. I'd cook with the other one..."fold laundry" with the hubby :) and then get down to work. Other thing I did...wrote everywhere and anywhere. I got one of those Alphasmarts and took it to the pool deck for water polo practices...or at least a notebook in my purse and wrote while in the car taking kids here and there, waiting kids, commuting on the train.

    And when things got really bad? Mom went to the library. Ah...nice and quiet. The library was a tonic for me.

    Hope that helps. It's definitely a challenge! Now things have slowed down a bit for me. I guess certain times in life are busier than others. Maybe keep that in mind. You will have more time in your life for the things you love. This too shall pass....

  13. I understand where you’re coming from, Authoress. I was eager to finish my second book in a series, as the first one is still sitting on a publisher’s desk where it’s been for four and a half months. I wanted to have the second one ready in case they decided to publish it, so I locked myself in my home office and wrote and wrote and wrote some more. I had to go interstate for a few weeks for the birth of a granddaughter, but when I came home, it was back to writing.

    Family and friends feel neglected and housework piles up. I don’t return phone calls or emails and there no time for exercise. As soon as I’ve fed the animals, it’s back to writing. My husband nags me about not moving enough. I have a bad back from all the hours sitting at the computer, but it’s a strong addiction and I don’t let anyone stop me. I promised my husband that as soon as I’d finished the second manuscript, I would cut my writing hours down.

    Well, I’ve finished it now, but I just can’t cut my writing time down. I just can’t. There’s editing and critiquing to be done, and we all know how long that takes. And at this stage we want to go even faster because we’re so darned excited and want to get that manuscript out to agents and publishers. What am I going to say to hubby when he finds out that I’ve started the third manuscript?

    I’m going to promise him that when I’ve finished it, I’ll move more – that’s what!