Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Fricassee

Today is my wedding anniversary.

I know it's rare to have a spouse or significant other or best friend who TRULY supports an aspiring author's work. And dreams.

Well, I've got one. Mr. A may not have writing in his blood, but he's a source of support I couldn't do without. Over the years, he's read through the lousiest first drafts you could imagine. Made me belly laugh at my horribly written dialogue. Pointed out plot elements I wouldn't have thought of myself.

He's released me to write in increasing measure, supported my business decisions, applauded my milestones, cuddled me during my infuriatingly close "near-misses." He's whisked me off to the vineyards for countless afternoons of editing and provided me with a "weekend away" to work on revisions.

Oh. And he bought Beatrice for me one year ago. The best anniversary gift ever. It was money he could have sunk into his own passions--music writing, film producing. But he chose to sink it into me instead.

He has called it "an excellent business investment." Says his ROI has been very high in the past year.

Wow. Talk about affirmation. I haven't made a dime on my writing yet, but my husband sees value in how I've grown and developed in the past twelve months.

I wouldn't be the writer I am today without him.

Yep. I love the guy! Thanks for allowing me this safe haven to share my heart. You have all been a part of my journey, too.

Hope your Friday sparkles, too!


  1. Happy Anniversary! May God bless your wonderful husband, and all supportive spouses!!

  2. Beautiful.

    **snuffle, sniff**

    You are BOTH lucky, BTW.

  3. Happy anniversary, Authoress! Supportive spouses can make all the difference.

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! And many, many more :)

  5. Today is my anniversary as well and my husband also floats my spiritual boat. Recently I wondered out lou, "When will my time to shine come?" He said, "You're already shiny. you shine every day." Gotta love a guy like that. Here's to being lucky!

  6. Happy Anniversay to you both. I've been married twenty-five years, and having a supportive husband is the best.

  7. Happy Anniversary! You're a lucky lady, for sure.

  8. excellent, wonderful & lovely~ Your Mr. A sounds a lot like my Mr. M... Happy Anniversary~

  9. Happy anniversary, Authoress, and Mr. A.

    That’s fantastic that Mr. A supports your writing, Authoress. And you’re wonderful for acknowledging that, and giving him credit too. There are so many spouses that don’t get it. It took a while before my husband did, but now he’s really supportive. And today he announced that he’s going to buy me a laptop. Yay! No more spending all my hours on my office computer, sitting indoors on a lovely day. Now, I’ll be able to write when we go away, or visit relatives. Not to mention when our tribe of relatives visit us—‘cause they take over my computer. Now, I‘ll be able to sneak of to my bedroom and write without distractions. Hey, I’ll even be able to go to the bathroom with my laptop and lock the door. Yay!

    I’m so excited——I can’t wait to go shopping.

  10. Happy Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. A!!

  11. Happy Anniversary, Authoress! I too feel lucky to have a husband that is all the things you described. It sounds like Mr. A is a truly great guy.

  12. Wow you're very lucky to have someone who supports you like that.

    Happy Anniversary. May you have at least twenty more ;-)

  13. Happy anniversary. Your Mr.A sounds like my hubby (except that my man is not very musical). Good luck for the rest of both your lives.

  14. A belated but very happy anniversary to you. I'm so glad you have a supportive spouse. So many writers don't and their plights always make me sad.

    I hope your day was awesome and here's to decades more of both happiness and anniversaries. =o)