Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sorry for being lax....

I normally post when submissions open and close, but I've been lax this month.

For the record--and for posterity--the submission windows will always open and close exactly when I say they will, regardless of whether I post about it.

So, yeah, this contest is closed. Entries will post tomorrow morning at 9 am EDT.

And yes, I have an excuse. Uber-busy day yesterday. And a WIP writing frenzy on top of all that.

I know you understand!


  1. As a writer, (thank you again Authoress, for the courage to say that!), I understand the need to answer the call of a writing frenzy.

    You are forgiven…and envied. LOL

  2. Just so happy for you helping us all! And sharing your own journey so honestly is just uplifting. Thanks.

  3. Yay for writing frenzies! It's already nine in the morning here... alas, I'm on French time. :)