Monday, May 2, 2011

Tiny Authoress

I love what many of you shared in the comment box on Friday.  It's interesting to note the different phases of our lives during which someone spoke "good stuff" to our writer selves.  Most intriguing are those early life touches--the ones we don't think about at the time, but that prove to be strong seeds that grow over the years.

Like my third grade teacher, whom I mentioned on Friday.  She's the one who pursued getting me interviewed by the local paper, which developed into a full-spread article, complete with a (rather large) photo of wee Authoress wielding a pen (and rather stylish V-neck vest) and several of my poems and drawings.

Wanna read it?

(And since I'm all anonymous and everything, I can't give proper credit to the newspaper or the journalist. I do not, however, take credit for the following, and once I unveil I will come back and fill in the deleted bits. I promise!)


By [deleted]

A little girl who transforms her daydreams into sophisticated poetry and song is Tiny Authoress, 8.

A 3rd-grade pupil at [deleted] School, [deleted], she has composed a book of poems and stories which will be placed in the school library. The typewritten pages carry her own crayon illustrations.

The slight, blonde-haired, blue-eyed author sank limply into the depths of her rocker. "I told my teacher, I'm drained - simply drained," she said with a theatrical sigh.

Gauging the effect upon her listeners, she began to giggle. The chair's movement accelerated to a brisk tempo as she told what fun it is to write and draw and paint.

Filled With Creations

The third floor of her [deleted] home is filled with Tiny Authoress's creations. Drawings adorn the playroom bulletin board. Liquid crayons, pen, ink and paper stand ready near the kitchen table where she works. Much of her time is spent there, or at the piano, where she makes up songs.

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Authoress, she has been writing and illustrating at home for two years. "But it's her teacher, [deleted], who has been the greatest encouragement," her mother said. "Tiny Authoress began to work seriously this fall."

Not every hour of the little girl's day is filled with earnest pursuits. Her favorite day is Saturday when she and her sister [deleted], 5, give their fancies full rein. "The best time of all is about 2 in the afternoon," the young author said with a smile. "Then we play dress up."

Tiny Authoress also enjoys interests of most girls her age. She rides a two-wheeled bicycle with friends in the neighborhood and goes to Brownie meetings with schoolmates. Recently, she began reading the Nancy Drew mystery series. In school her favorite subject is art.

Excellent Grades

"She earns excellent grades," said her father, a mail carrier with the [deleted] post office.
Describing Tiny Authoress's work, Miss [deleted] writes, "Her thoughts are sensitive, spontaneous and beautiful. Even when writing stories she injects a mature poetic thought. Her form and imagery are those that even ... a `seasoned school teacher' like myself do envy."


  1. What an awesome teacher! I remember my third grade teacher helped the class make a cardboard throne that we got to sit on when we read our stories. It felt so wonderful to have my work valued like that.

  2. I wish I'd ever had a teacher like that. I've been told over and over again as a kid that "imagination is all well but it won't feed you nor your kids". So I set it aside for way too long. Grrrr

  3. What an amazing teacher you had, and from the sound of Tiny Authoress, she was a bit of an actress too. "...drained, simply drained." lol

  4. Mr. A would contend that I still AM a bit of an actress. ;D

  5. It makes a teacher's day when students are excited about writing, especially if the teacher is a writer too!

  6. You were so precocious! Excellent!

  7. "she rides a two-wheeled bicycle with friends . . " Love the insider's view of your young life.

    What a great favor your teacher did in encouraging your writing. getting your book placed in the library and landing a newspaper interview for you.

    We should all remember this example when we come upon youngsters with promise, vision and dreams, writing or otherwise.

  8. Aww. Tiny Authoress: a girl after my own heart.
    Suzanne Lucero

  9. Oh this is wonderful and hilarious, love it. A star in the making!

  10. "I'm drained." Love that. You were blessed to have such a teacher, and she was blessed to have such a student.