Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Help For a Fellow Writer

The Evil League of Evil Writers is hosting a fund campaign for my critique partner, Julie Butcher (whose editing services several of you have experienced).  Last week, Julie's husband hacked his calf apart (literally) with a chainsaw.  The funds are being raised to offset the amount of medical expenses Julie and her husband will have after insurance.

(He's had 2 surgeries and the severed muscle has been repaired.  Fortunately, the chainsaw missed the bone.  He will be in recovery for a long time.)

There are some nice perks (critiques, coffee with an agent, etc.).  And, of course, there's the bottom line "helping someone" thing.

Julie has a heart the size of Texas and is one of those "giver" sorts of people.  (She is, in fact, a little blown away by the fact that the Evil League is doing this for her.)  If it's on your heart and in your means, please consider a gift for Julie today.


(See what I did there?  I know.  I know...)

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  1. omg, that sounds absolutely horrible (the hacking at the calf part, i mean). On my way to check it out!