Thursday, May 22, 2008

Talkin' Heads -- Grab your blue pens!

We've a smallish smattering of entries this time, so those of you who are inclined to leave feedback are encouraged to give each entry an extra minute or two of your crit time. *winkety wink*

You're such an amazing group of writers, I don't even have to remind you to play nice.

Remember, we want to know:

Does the dialogue propel the action forward? If not, why not?

Do the tags/beats/internal monologues/short narrations work? If not, why not?

And are you drawn into the story? Do you want to read more? If not, why not?

OK, bear with me while I get these entries posted. And hopefully this time I won't miss any (bowing and groveling profusely in Becca's general direction...)


  1. Okay, cool. I've got a contest going on on my blog this week, too (pitching contest). I'll come back this evening and do some reading/commenting on these fab "talking head" entries!

  2. I forgot about this... but off to comment now. :P

    WordWrangler--will check your blog out too.