Monday, March 2, 2009

Kudos Collection

First, for all of you: You've done another tremendous job of leaving helpful critiques for your peers.

For those who entered an excerpt: Kudos for bravery and humility!

And now, the "collection" part:

So many of you have shared, both via email and in the comment boxes, how this blog has positively affected you as a writer. I deeply appreciate your words of affirmation, as they continue to give new meaning to the time I put into this blog.

I'm gathering up all the "good words," so to speak, and creating a "positive feedback" page. I can't track everyone down from the comments, since some of you are unlinkable (which sounds like unthinkable with a speech impediment). So if you have said something POSITIVE in a comment box lately, and you DO NOT wish to be quoted, please send me an email (including your screen name, so I know which comment you're talking about). Otherwise, please know that I will be taking comments from the boxes and adding them to the warm fuzzy pile. You'll receive credit with whatever screen name you used to leave the comment.

If you would rather leave a fresh, shiny comment RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW -- the floor's open! Tell me how this blog has impacted your writing. Sign your name the way you'd like it to appear. Say as much or as little as you'd like.

The truth is that this blog has become so much more than I expected. And it's beyond exciting.

As for criticism, suggestions for improvement, and general grumbling? You can email that privately. Except be forewarned: I don't pay attention to grumbling. Only constructive criticism. *grin*

That's all for now! I look forward to your comments.


  1. I really wanted to thank you for Drop the Needle.
    With the help of the comments left behind. I went back and strengthened the passage. It reads so much better now.
    I also used the advice and am currently going through my ms and trying to apply the same techniques.

  2. It's amazing how much useful advice you can get on 250 words here. And the best thing? We can learn from the comments on all the excerpts.

    Thank you, Authoress. This is a great service to writers who want to be published someday.

  3. I am just so happy to have an outside critique like this on my little book. It makes me happy to know that a community like this, writers helping writers, exists. Thanks MSFV!


  4. It's amazing what you can learn by reading the comments on all the excerpts. I love how everyone is so eager to help others improve their craft. Now that's a truly supportive community.

  5. Perhaps the greatest gift a writer can receive is/are positve comment(s) about their writing. This site, through Secret Agent and Drop the Needle, has provided that little pat on the back. The comments from the Secret Agent, as well as the other critiques, were both enlightening and a wake-up call. Inspiration has definitely reigned supreme in the wake of the most recent Secret Agent contest.

    Thanks, Authoress, for everything.


  6. Ah, compliments! Well, you know how much I love your blog! I haven't participated much lately, but that's because I'm so far behind on my own edits and writing that catching up seems impossible.

    When I first stopped by your site I knew I had landed in a gold mine! You seem to attract the cream of the crop over here. Even with your agents who participate! I sure hope to hear some success stories one day! I know they're inevitable. I will continue to frequent this site for as long as it's here!

  7. This blog is the best thing to ever happen to my writing on the internet. I'm so happy I came across it. It's difficult to find a supportive community to read my writing and give me feedback. Drop The Needle was the first time someone's read my stuff, and the criticism I got was very, very helpful. Thank you for providing this service, Authoress. I think everybody else pretty much covered it. :-)

  8. Kudos to you Authoress for giving us a place to be around people who share the same passion! I really hope this makes sense because I had one too many margheritas...

  9. I have been so sick this past week, all I could do is keep up with the twitters and try to read but couldn't form a coherent sentence to save my life, thus my not critting anything this week.

    That said, you offer a gold mine to those who sincerely want the input as to whether or not their story is strong, and without fear of getting slammed for their writing. I think the is because, as someone else pointed out, you have the cream of the crop here. People seem to truly care about everyone else and that's all thanks to the general tone of your blog. Simple respect for everyone.

    Thanks for giving us all a little spot to share :)

  10. This blog, Authoress, and all the wonderful writers that contribute are a big part of what I love about being a writer.

    I participated in the last Secret Agent contest and the differences in my beginning were so very helpful. Since then, in the last month I have been lucky enough to receive requests (for a partial or a full) from seven different agents. Thank you Authoress!

  11. Fresh eyes--writer's eyes. What a great combination for helping each other. Thanks for this website...I love feedback and critiques. It is awesome to have talented people so willing to help others who are just starting to dip their feet into the world of novel writing.

  12. Trish directed me to this site, and I can't thank her enough. What you manage to offer here is a wonderful opportunity for growth and understanding, and we all need that in our lives.

    Critiquing is still difficult for me, and that's why I find others' comments so helpful. Something I read may sound really good, but when I'm able to read how others perceive it, and then their helpful suggestions as to how to improve upon it, it's like a lightbulb going off in my head.

    Thank you so much for your time and efforts in helping struggling writers like myself.

  13. You are doing such a great thing! I just recently subscribed (and I am not a blog reader, I am only subscribed to one other) and I'm happy I did. It's a great little community you're forming here and I'll be happy to throw my hat in the ring sometime soon.

    But it's your posts, too. They just make me happy :)

  14. I learned about this site too late this month to submit to Drop the Needle, but reading everyone's helpful comments has me anxious for the next event.

    There are a lot of sharp minds critiquing at this site. Minds I want for my own work. I can't wait.