Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Submissions Are Now Closed

We're over the 50 mark (that's what I get for grabbing a quick lunch!).

I've sent confirmations to 30 so far.

The First Sentences will be posted tomorrow morning!


  1. Didn't anyone tell you lunch is not allowed on submission days? The little elves just wait for you to leave for lunch and then 'send, send, send, and send to infinity and back' all the while stuffing chocolat covered cashews in their mouths and cackling in glee!!

    Personally, I know one little elf that is grateful for every opportunity afforded to him by this site . . . and by Agent-Demystified! Thanks.

  2. I so wanted to do this, but I've been MIA for a bit with other things and didn't think it fair since I didn't get to crit the last entries.


    Enjoy, all :)

    And AA, thanks so much for this. You are full of awesome! :)

  3. Wanted to do this as well, but couldn't...gmail is blocked at work.

    Ah well, next time!

    Looking forward to seeing the sentences.

  4. I de-lurked today to enter - this is very exciting!

    Hm, perhaps I need more real, actual excitement in my life.