Monday, March 23, 2009

Secret Agent Unveiled: JOSH GETZLER

My warmest thanks to the enthusiastic and helpful Josh Getzler of Writers House.

Josh's bio:

I Left Harcourt in 1993 to get my MBA. After Business School I spent 11 years owning and operating a minor league baseball team. I got out of baseball in late 2006 and rejoined the book world on the agent side. I am at Writers House, where I am now seeking submissions for myself.

What Josh is currently looking for:

I'm particularly into foreign and historical thrillers and mysteries, so send me your ruthless doges and impious cardinals...and your farmhouse cozies! Give me atmosphere, let me learn something about another time or another place (or both), and kill off nasty Uncle Mortimer in the process--I'll be yours! I take middle grade and YA mystery or adventure series, but not so much fantasy, and definitely not picture books. (There are many others who specialize in these books.) And please don't send religious fiction--I don't have contacts in the Christian book market.

It's been a distinct pleasure working with Josh behind the scenes, and I'm confident that his critiques will bear good fruit for our brave submitters.

Thank you, Mr. Getzler, on behalf of everyone!

Stay tuned! The announcement of winners is forthcoming.


  1. I'm almost guessed Josh was the SA but there was a reason (which I'm not going to mention) that I decided he wasn't. Judging from the comments I read, he sounds like he'll be a great agent. I especially thought his comment for #10 was very generous. I doubt most SA's (or agents) would do that. Good luck to the winners. Hope one (or more) of you land him as an agent. :D

  2. Thanks, Josh for your time and lots of helpful thoughts. And of course, thanks to the awesome authoress who puts this all together!

  3. Thank you, Josh, for your fantastic critiques! You have amazing discernment and a talent for stating things nicely and professionally. I am sure you are a great agent for your lucky clients!

    Thank you, Authoress, for this contest. It has been helpful for me, as well as the contestants, I am sure.

  4. This round was a lot of fun (maybe cuz I wasn't entered, and didn't know anyone who was). I really enjoyed critiquing all the entries. =)

  5. Thanks to all Authoress for coordinating another SA round, thanks to Josh for his thoughtful and very honest crits, and thanks to all the people who took time to read and crit.

    I'm really impressed by the ones who did every single entry! Wow.

  6. I'd like to thank Authoress and Josh for this. Also, everyone who commented. Feedback is so important and sometimes so difficult to come by. I very much appreciate everyone's efforts.

  7. Yes, yes! Heartfelt thanks to both Josh and Authoress. It has been helpful and fun.

    wv: villin really, I'm not.

  8. Thanks so much to everyone, especially Authoress and Josh. :)

    For me, what was most important was seeing how readers reacted to my opening, how they interpreted the protagonist and the mystery, and especially where they thought I was going with the plot. I really appreciate your insights and your help!

    puzzlehouse (#9)

  9. I would be fascinated to know why Stina didn't think I was me!

    Again, thanks everyone for your efforts. What a terrific bunch of people!

    Josh Getzler

  10. Just wanted to add my thanks to everyone for their helpful advice.

    Hello Authoress, I landed here by mistake - still haven't found Miss Snarks website - but I went with it and have learned a lot.
    I feel like a gatecrasher at a party but would love to hang around if that's okay.

  11. Josh,

    It was because you're with Writers House, everyones dream agency (I have a partial with one of your colleagues, so maybe I'm a little biased here).

    Thanks for all the fantastic feedback. (Not that mine was entered. Wrong genre.) Every little bit helps us improve, even when it's someone else's entry.


  12. I second that, Josh. Hey Stina--enquiring minds want to know!

    Vicki-- you will find the link to Miss Snark's blog (retired and archived) in my left sidebar under the heading "Blogging Agents".

    And welcome to the party (even if you DID show up at the wrong house ;D)!

  13. Stina, we posted simultaneously!

    Why would being with Writers House be the caveat? Was it just "too good to be true"? LOL

  14. Why would being with Writers House be the caveat? Was it just "too good to be true"? LOL

    That's exactly it. Like I said, I'm biased. Many of my favorite authors/illustrators are represented by agents there.

  15. Thank you Authoress and Josh for all your hard work and input.