Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Fricassee


Are you a weekend writer? If so, what are you goals?

I do most of my work during the week, though I will sometimes sneak off on a Sunday to sip a cuppa and do some writing.

I'm getting ready for a change of scenery right now--my favorite local coffee shop, complete with a WAY cool, high-up quadruple desk just for laptops. I LOVE this place.

Love it!

So I'll have a sandwich and hopefully get a lot of work done.

Root for me, will you? I've had an unfocused week. And let me know how I can root for you.

See you Monday for the submission blitz!


  1. Usually, I only write during the week, because the kids are underfoot all weekend. But this weekend, the man AND kids will be gone.
    WOO_HOO! I vow to use this time to finish the first draft of my WIP so it's ready for Secret Agent!
    I'm totally rooting for you to.
    Write on!

  2. Most of my writing happens during the week. I've built a desktop for my treadmill, so I walk all day as I write. It's a simple set up and keeps my back happy. If you're interested, check out the photo on my blog.
    I'll often do some writing on the weekends but ususally in a different spot. Often in a rocking chair by the woodstove.

  3. GoooOOO Authoress! Rah rah rah!
    Type those words and build that saga,
    Rick those adverbs, rackem tells,
    and rake those expos so it sells!

    You know what I want? I want a site where we can go post our goals and our actuals and see charts. Where you can join a group of friends and support each other.

    And maybe some optional point system to compete, for folk like me who like that approach.

  4. I write all the time. Weekdays. Weekends. Vacations. Even on Christmas. It's an addiction.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Ah, my kingdom for a free Saturday. I get the most writing done on Saturdays, but it's been a month of them or more since I've had the time to get any real progress with my first draft.

    Maybe I'll make some time tonight after work to write.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. I'm a weekday writer. Weekends are son and hubby time. I'm usually too insecure to write with my husband in the room, and he's usually wanting to do something together anyway.

    Good luck to weekend writers!

  7. I write at night after the kids go to bed - any night I can, but usually not Saturdays because it's card night with my 8 year old. ;)

    Hope you have a great writing time at the coffee shop! You can root for me to finish the first draft of my YA suspense this week - it's driving me crazy!!! So close, yet so far.

  8. Well my goal, and anyone who follows my blog has probably figured out that I love goals, is to keep typing up my WIP, which is still in longhand form. And to do some reading from that new source I found.

  9. Other than a few hours on Sunday afternoons, I'm a weekday writer too. I'm rootin' for ya!!

  10. I'm going to have to fall into the weekday writer category as well. I try to write on Saturdays sometimes, but the day is often too packed with errands and other odds and ends to be really useful. And Sundays are my days of rest - from pretty much everything, including writing.

    It is actually very refreshing to have a day when I just tell myself, "You can't do it, anyway, so stop worrying about it!" I get to just unplug my writing brain and relax and unwind - and then, come Monday, I'm recharged and ready to go again. I highly recommend it.

  11. I write whenever I can find spare time, but that's mostly on the weekend as I work full time during the week and have two children, a tween and a teen plus a husband and a house. It sucks to have to work full-time when all you really want to do is write full time. I envy everyone who works at writing. It is my dream. *sigh*

  12. I come home every night after my full time job and try to carve out some coherent writing time. However, I get my best and most prolific writing done on the weekends.

    My goals are to finish drafting my novel, then go back and edit it into the best novel it can possibly be! So far, I'm half way through.

    I'm rooting for you! Best of luck in your new setting. May your muse speak poetic volumes through your fingertips.

  13. I write every spare moment I can. I'm such an addict. I write day, night and in-between.

    This weekend I'm doing a final edit of my second Molly Gumnut book, and then I'm going to send it to join the first book. That one's still with a publisher waiting assessment, where it's been since Easter. They were looking for a series, so hopefully the second one will sway them. I hope.

    Happy writing, Authoress, and don't forget to stop for a moment to enjoy your sandwich and coffee. Don't gulp it down like I do, forgetting what it even tasted like.

    Enjoy your Sunday everyone, and your writing. :)

  14. I write everyday feasible. I've been out of the work place for 6 years and have lost track of the difference between the week and the weekend except if I teach a weekend seminar! I've decided to pay someone wonderful to clean my house once a week. This has made soooo much difference in getting to the keyboard and getting pulled away or distracted by chores.

    And I indeed am rooting for you! and me and all of us! Yes We Can!

  15. I hope you got a lot accomplished this weekend, Authoress. I resorted to writing longhand in the car during two day trips with the kidlets. I'm thankful for my husband for doing all the driving!

  16. Miss Aspiriant - if it makes you feel better, I got far more writing done when I had a full time job completely with lunch breaks and travel time. Now I stay home with three kids and writing is so much harder to fit in!