Monday, May 16, 2016

Are You Hooked? Adult Genre Fiction #10

GENRE: Adult - Romance

After a fire destroys her studio, Zara needs two things to fulfill her career-making art gallery contract—a quick hit of cash for supplies and to rekindle her creativity. She reluctantly returns to a lucrative gig as a princess-costumed face painter, where she meets Brendan, a hot, divorced dad who could bring a spark to her life or ruin everything.

On a snowy February morning, Zara Kissette hoofed it to her day job in midtown Baltimore. She was happy. Well, happyish. Which was why she should have known the universe was about to punch her square in the ladyjunk.

That was the kind of relationship she had with the universe.

But for the next minute, happyishness reigned.

She’d paid her bills and had a little cash left over for coffee. She didn’t have any new paintings on the easel, but yesterday’s meeting with the gallery owner went way better than she’d hoped. She might, just maybe, have a shot at a show.

And that, right there, would be the turning point in her career. Zara grinned. She’d be able to honor the deal she’d made with her parents after all.

Her cell phone buzzed in her jacket pocket. She fished it out and peered at its paint-speckled screen.

Zara rolled her eyes and accepted the call. “Hey, listen, if you’re calling about the studio rent, I already sent the check.”

She wasn’t lying. But... She also wasn’t sharing that she’d slipped the late payment into a hulking blue mailbox about fifteen minutes ago.

“No, dear. It’s not that.” Eleanor sighed. “There’s been a fire.”

For the first time in months, Zara ran.


  1. Love your voice! Your heroine's humor had me smiling right off the bat -- she's someone I'm rooting for after just a few words, so great job! I also like that the stakes are clear on page one, and that the story seems to be rolling along at a good clip. I searching for a nitpick, but I just don't have one. Color me hooked!

  2. I love your voice! I don't read a whole lot of romance, but I would definitely read this one. :)

  3. This is adorable. The logline promised a bit of lighthearted humor with a serious undertone (losing her studio) and the writing delivered. Wonderful voice. I like that the action begins immediately and we've already been introduced to the fact that money is a problem for her, so her story problem is set right away. I have a sense of who the character is from her inner monologue, and I would spend more pages with her! I'd totally read on.

  4. Great voice, premise and writing. Great work.

    My only comment isn't a biggy. It relates to the use of the word 'ladyjunk'. It's not a term I've seen used before. I'm used to seeing the word junk used for guys so using it for a girl (even with the prefix lady) made for clunky reading and pulled me out of the story. Maybe it's a cultural thing (I'm in Australia and don't see it used here)?