Monday, May 16, 2016

Are You Hooked? Adult Genre Fiction #11

TITLE: Meowing for Murder
GENRE: Adult - Cozy Mystery

Crawling under her neighbor’s porch, cat rescuer Kayla Maloney discovers a dead body – the human kind. After Mrs. Willoughby is arrested for murder, Kayla finds herself stuck with her neighbor’s cat hating Chihuahua and the newest target of a killer determined to send Kayla on a cat nap, purrmanently.

Despite my extremely rational fear of all things creepy, crawly, and slithery I inched my way forward. The batteries in the flashlight were about to be pronounced DOA. So my search area was limited to half a foot in front of me. I promised to stop buying cheap batteries at the dollar stores if I ever found my way out from under my neighbor’s front porch. Another set of mews had me turn direction and head towards what I sincerely prayed was a kitten in need and not a skunk with a bad attitude. The last time it had taken weeks to get the smell out of my favorite Maroon 5 T-shirt.

“Come on little ones, you can’t stay here. Murphy isn’t exactly cat friendly.”

Murphy was Mrs. Willoughby’s Chihuahua who seemed to take immense pleasure in chasing anything or anyone that had the nerve to step into “his” yard. For some odd reason I appeared to be the exception to his do not enter policy but since I was in his territory and in the presence of felines I wasn’t too eager to push my luck.

I scooted forward and carefully scooped up a shivering little ball of fur. I placed him or her in the pet carrier I’d dragged with me. I picked up the flashlight and moved it around until I spotted two more sets of eyes.


  1. I love the voice and small touches of humor. You started in the right place, and I was right there with your character. You could add in a little more description, like the smell of the dirt, but only do it if it doesn't detract from your voice.

    There's only one part that gave me pause. "Another set of mews had me turn direction" I had to read that phrase twice because I found it slightly awkward. Other than that, you have me hooked, and I would keep reading.

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  3. Great start. Loved the line about the skunk with a bad attitude. I agree with above...if she hates creepy crawlys...perhaps she could encounter some cob webs or other unknown something while "feeling" for the cat?? I'd read on.

  4. God, give me the rest, already. The logline had me laughing out loud, and your character's voice is awesome. She feels like someone I'd be best friends with.

    Loved it.

  5. I'm with the others on this. Great logline and voice.

    Like Lanette, the 'another set of mews' also confused me at first.

    It was easy for me visualize the scene, though I did wonder what the ground looks like?

    I love the humor and the voice and would definitely read on.