Thursday, May 26, 2016

CP Twitter Search

It's been a while since I've hosted a Critique Partner Dating Service, and I'm sure some of you newer "family members" might like the opportunity to hook up with another writer or two to swap work.

Here's the thing, though--we've got some little snaggy things to work out with our bot.  So I'm going to host this Critique Partner Dating Service on TWITTER!

It's called #CPTwitterSearch

And it's EASY to join in!  Here's how:

From 8 am to 8 pm EDT tomorrow (Friday, May 27), tweet the following to #CPTwitterSearch:

*what you're looking for and/or what you're good at

Note:  This will be CHALLENGING to do in fewer than 140 characters!  But succinct=beautiful.  Here are some examples:

#CPTwitterSearch YA SF/F Grammar Nazi. Big picture. Looking for same.

#CPTwitterSearch MG Contemp NEW WRITER but I'm great at proofreading

#CPTwitterSearch Historical/Agented Author/Looking for peer with equal experience

#CPTwitterSearch YA Mystery/Thriller/Horror/Magical Realism Love doing in-depth line edits!

There you have it.

How will it work?

Simple!  Follow the hashtag.  Reply to anyone who catches your eye.  It's very easy to hook up on Twitter (and you have the added benefit of being able to stalk read people's bios before contacting them, if you'd like.

You'll have TWELVE HOURS to peruse.

Then?  When you hook up?  Tweet to #CPTwitterSearch AND to me, and let me know!

Questions below!

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