Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Fricassee

Behold, my project target box from the end of yesterday's writing session.  Yes, I'm an utter geek when it comes to these colored bars (as I'm pretty sure most Scrivener users are, so just 'FESS UP), and I will often stare at it for a prolonged moment of glee before shutting it down.

For, you see, my greatest joy in writing comes from HAVING WRITTEN something.  When I say I love to write, it's true--but what gives me the deepest satisfaction is looking at what I have already done.

Who's with me on that one?

Before I begin writing on any given day, I will generally stare at my word count and think about my word count and revel in my word count.  Then I will think about adding the next 1000 words.  And then I do it.  Drafting is not my favorite thing to do, but what keeps me motivated is that word count.  Productivity is important to me in all aspects of my life, and when I can actually measure that productivity, I'm pretty much in a state of bliss.

And there you have it.  Utter transparency about my level of geekness.

Of course, the other thing that motivates me is my love for revising, which is where the true magic lies.  As soon as I finish this draft, I'll have the completed raw product to work with.  I love that.  (Of course, I'll actually be setting this one aside to start another draft, which is unusual for me.  But still.)

As I'm drafting, I'm thinking about how this will all shift and transform and come together to create the finished story that it's meant to be.  I'm so used to this process now that I will often find myself thinking things like, "I'm not sure this scene will stay," or "This might not be in the right order," or "Probably this dialogue will need to be trimmed."  But, yanno, since I'm only drafting, I just keep on pressing through, knowing that I will be able to put my editor's cap on when it's time.

Have I mentioned how amazing it is to have the privilege to write stories?

Ah, but you already know that.

So, tell me--what motivates you to get your writing done each day?  Where is your biggest joy place in this process?

It's wonderful to be able to share this journey with so many others.  Thanks for being a part of this diverse, creative, passion-infused community!


  1. Definitely a fan of the colored bars in Scrivener. Word counts are lovely for motivation. I also recently started on Habitica, and writing every day gives me experience on there (whereas not writing means I lose health) and I find it oddly excited to mark that little checkbox.

    I honestly don't know what my favorite part of the process is, yet. For all the time that I've been writing, I haven't really moved on into the other phases before, but I look forward to the frustration!

  2. I always try to stop before I've finished what I want to say so that the next day I have an idea of what is coming next. And that way I rarely, sometimes, don't get writers block.