Wednesday, February 29, 2012

First Line Grabber, Round Two

And away we go!

Please leave critique as normal.  The YES/NO format seemed quite effective, so I would encourage you to use it again, even though this technically isn't a voting round.

All I can say is -- it's amazing how the timbre of a first line completely changes when you add the next two sentences!  I've had fun reading these, and I think you will, too.

Have at it!  And keep your eyes peeled for CJ's critiques.


  1. I want to say that I think this is a fantastic contest. I've been writing for years, and never took the time to really look at my first line (duh!), so even though I'm not part of the contest, you've helped make my writing that much stronger. Thanks, Miss Snark, for all you do!

  2. Careful about using the word, 'timbre.' It confuses a lot of people. :P