Thursday, April 26, 2012

87 Hearts

I'd have to say that the meat of this week's blog content has come from you.

First, you responded with grace, strength, and the wisdom of experience to my OUCH post.  Here I am, being all protective and believing I'm doing some damage control, and you all rise to the top like sweet cream, muscles rippling.

I am so proud of you.  I am so blessed to be part of a group like this.

Then, you responded to my birthday request with a glorious assortment of personal stories, each one detailing at least one way in which this blog community has affected you.  Aside from the more obvious things like landing an agent and/or a book deal, you mentioned things like:

  • procedure
  • perspective
  • perseverance 

(The 3 P's of MSFV?)

And, threaded thickly throughout the 87 comments:  ENCOURAGEMENT.  And oh, how important that is!  We all need it desperately--daily, when things are rough.  And it's hard to describe how humbling, and how profoundly gratifying, it is to know that, even on days when I feel like I have NOTHING to give, somebody is feeling encouraged by something I wrote.

Encouraged that their writing IS getting better, after all.

Encouraged that they are not alone on their journey.

Encouraged to know that others are succeeding, which makes success feel somehow less elusive.


Because sometimes it's a day to day struggle, right?

Thank you, Oh Eight-seven, for taking the time to comment your hearts.  They are like food and drink to my spirit right now.  (I can wax dramatic when I really put my mind to it, huh?)  But seriously, I have felt so drained; so tired of the long, black wait.  So tired of how slowly things move, how so much work and energy and lifeblood comes to a screeching halt while you are forced to Simply. Wait.

And sometimes it makes me want to run away to the ocean and never come back.  And never write another word.

Know what stops me?  You.  Sure, I'm feisty as all get-out, and I'm NOT a giver-upper.  But even non-giver-uppers scrape bottom sometimes, and I know I have to crawl back up again because your collective eyes are on me, and your collective journeys are part of mine.

And I LIKE it this way.

Thank you for being a lifeline for me.  I've said it countless times, but this is truly a remarkable journey, and I'm convinced that each stage has a precise purpose (even if we can't see it at the time).

Last night, my husband looked into my eyes and said, "I believe in you."  And that's the way you all make me feel, too.  Like you believe in me.  And this sense of believing-in-each-other is what keeps this blog alive and well for all of us.

Rock on, everyone!


  1. Well, damn. Now my mascara is running. You say all the right things. But I think "I believe in you" ranks highest in what all writers in a loving, supportive community need.

  2. This post just gave me that "alone at your computer grinning like an idiot" moment. Aww! ;) You're the best, lady, and I'm glad we helped make your birthday special.

  3. Wow. You totally rock my socks! I too am sitting at my computer (at work!) grinning like an idiot. Thanks for all the love and support. It took me a while to become a member and follow you instead of "lurking" on your blog 24/7, but the genuine care you display and the supportive community here is what made me finally join.

  4. Wow... This blog is the first one I check each morning when I get to work. It's because of posts like this that make me come back. The "what's she gonna do, or say, next" vibe. I am more of a lurker around here and have barely dipped a toe in the 'join us' pool, but I plan to stay a part of this community because it is truly awesome. I may not be the best writer, but I'm learning, and knowing there are others like me is priceless. We all sort of 'believe' in each other and having that one person believe in you makes the arduous journey a pleasant one.

  5. I know it's hard to wait.

    I completely understand your desire to run away to the ocean and never come back. I've felt that way too.

    And frankly, I'm surprised you only got 87 replies because, Authoress, of all the writing blogs I check on a regular basis (you're on my blogroll at my website), yours is the most uplifting, caring, giving thing in an industry that doesn't provide those things.

    You're the epitome of civilized in the publishing blogs today, and I appreciate you.

    You root for us.
    You inspire us.
    Hell, you find agents to critique our stuff! And, you teach us to all care for each other, and to root for one another.

    I can't make your pain go away, and I can't make your wait any shorter, but I want you to understand your value. You matter very much to us.

    Happy Belated Birthday,

  6. I'm very new to your blog, as I am very new to the online writing community. I haven't been lurking long, so I couldn't add to what those 87 commenters said.

    But THIS post. THIS made me teary-eyed and proud of myself for searching out encouraging blogs/bloggers like yours.

    So count me in that 87, or 88 now, I guess. Because you just reached me, made me cry, and gave me the little bit of strength and emotion I needed to keep going today.

  7. You speak from your heart. That is such a rare thing.

    Hang in there. It will happen at the perfect time. Thank-you again for all you do.

  8. Rock on right back at ya.
    I was about to give up this week; but my crit partner would not have it though I haven't come close to your success.

    87 comments! Not many published authors or big name agents generate responses like that. You created this blog. You write, reaching an audience of hundreds every day. That's awesome. I often think you don't give yourself enough credit for that.

  9. Sniff, sniff. I feel like you just hugged all 87 (88) of us!

    The writing biz is not all warm fuzzies and fluff ponies by any means, but the good will and karma that your blog resonates changes that, and the positive energy we all create will spur us all on to be better writers and better people.

    It's synergy- we are all working for the good of all, and together we equal more than we would individually. The Divine Miss A started it when she took what some would perceive as a negative experience- her public critique by Miss Snark- and turned it into a positive by starting a blog to help other writers.

    This is a model of what our world should be like. You rock, Authoress!

  10. I usually read MSFV via RSS, and thus don't comment as much as I probably should, but I have to say that I've still learned a ton just from reading your posts and the great crits and comments on the contests. I'm going too my first pitch meeting with an agent this weekend (PANIC!) and I'd be a hot mess if the Logline contest hadn't given me a place to start.

    In conclusion: This blog rocks, Authoress rocks, everyone here rocks, yay!

    See, there are appropriate moments for cheerleading! ;)

  11. Disregard the sniffles you hear. That's just me getting all choked up over here. There's just so much awesome-sauce wrapped up in this burrito of waxed dramatic. You certainly rock :-)

  12. Dear Authoress
    Let's make it 88! I was up in the Tasmanian wild country (Australia) with no internet access so missed your call out.

    I, too, have benefitted from your blog - in all the ways already mentioned, mainly your words of encouragement.
    And the most wonderful experience has been winning a second prize in one of the Secret Agent's writing comps. The gorgeous Danielle Chiotti was the agent and she has been brilliant - giving me a very insightful structural edit of my manuscript and so encouraging.

    A year later, I finally finished my edit and sent it to her. And even if she decides against my story, I'm still filled with gratitude for her time, expertise and wisdom.

    And the same goes for you, dear Authoress. You've made a huge difference to a lot of writers and that's the best part of our profession - the sharing. I hope we can give you back something too.
    S :) xx

  13. I got all teary eyed at Mr A's comment! Love it! :)

  14. Awww, thanks for all the encouragement! (The word pops up again ;D) After all, writing really does form a global community.

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  16. Hi! I've come in late to this party, but somehow I know it doesn't matter with you. Okay, so I've told you before what makes this a special place, but I sure don't mind telling you again.
    It's a safe haven that sparks respect and community of which you are the center of!
    Now you know I was off in some room somewhere working away on my own. You were the one to show me that was okay, but when I wanted to, I could extend a hand and there'd be another there waiting.
    So thank you for that. You know how fond I am of you. We all are!

  17. Aww, Authoress... you're awesome. Whatever dark pit you're stuck in, whatever times you'd rather run than face, you are absolutely right: we believe in you. I know you'll get through it - a character like you wins out in any story.

  18. Mr. A said it best. All I can add is "Thank you."

  19. Your husband sounds pretty awesome :)

    Like you imply and some of the commenters have said, I think we all need to hear 'I believe in you' from time to time, and this seems to be a great community for that.