Monday, April 30, 2012

May Secret Agent Early Info

Please note: This is NOT the call for submissions! The contest will open next Monday, May 7.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES (please read carefully):

*There are TWO WAYS to enter: a) via email to authoress.submissions(at) OR via web form at
* There will be TWO SUBMISSION WINDOWS:  9:00-11:00 am EDT for the first 25, and 7:00-9:00 pm EDT for the second 25 plus alternates. (This is NOT a lottery.)
* 2 alternates will also be accepted, for a total of 52 entries.
* PLEASE NOTE: You are responsible for figuring out your own time zone. "Time Zone differences" are NOT a reason for not getting your entry in.
* Submissions received before the contest opens will be rejected.
* Submissions are for COMPLETED MANUSCRIPTS ONLY. If you wouldn't want an agent to read the entire thing, DON'T SEND IT. If an "entire thing" doesn't exist, you shouldn't even be reading these rules.
* Manuscripts THAT HAVE BEEN IN A SECRET AGENT CONTEST DURING THE PAST SIX MONTHS (October-March) will not be accepted.
* You may submit A DIFFERENT MANUSCRIPT if you've participated in any previous Secret Agent contests.
* Only ONE ENTRY per person per contest. If you send more than one, your subsequent entry(ies) will be rejected.
* If you WON A CONTEST WITHIN THE PAST 12 MONTHS (i.e., offered any kind of prize from a Secret Agent), please DO NOT ENTER THIS CONTEST. (Unless it's a different manuscript.)
* Submissions are for THE FIRST 250 WORDS of your manuscript. Please do not stop in the middle of a GO HERE to submit via our web form. If you choose to submit via email, your submission for this contest should be formatted EXACTLY as follows: SCREEN NAME: Your Screen Name Here TITLE: Your Title Here GENRE: Your Genre Here (Followed by the excerpt here.)
 * No "chapter one," chapter titles, etc.
* You will receive a confirmation email with your lottery number.
* Submissions go to authoress.submissions(at) They DO NOT GO to my facelesswords address. Or any other address.
*It doesn't matter what you put in the subject line. The only thing you MUST NOT do is to use "RE:" The bot will think you are attempting to respond to an email, and will reject you. As always, there is no fee to enter the Secret Agent contest. This month's contest will include the following genres:

  • Dystopian
  • Fantasy
  • Paranormal
  • Cozy Mystery
  • Steampunk
*** Please note that this genre listings has been updated to include ALL GENRES of YA ***


  1. Just confirming: will the agent accept YA dystopian/fantasy/paranormal/cozy/steampunk, or just adult works in those genres?

  2. Awww, unfortunately I'm currently in the process of writing my steampunk :( Oh well, next time. I look forward to seeing and editing all the submissions!


  3. I'm torn. I received wonderful input on my first 500 words from fellow blog readers during the query contest, but no agent was commenting. I feel selfish vying for a spot this time, even if the opening has gone through some edits.

    Curse those limited lottery spaces!

  4. Is YA fantasy allowed?

  5. Chro -- If you fit the criteria for submitting, then do submit!

    SC_Author -- No. Ya Contemporary ONLY.

  6. Does the Danielle Svetcov Mystery posts count as Secret Agents? Or may we submit our cozy mysteries?

  7. Nevermind, Authoress! I completely forgot that I entered the cozy in the March Secret Agent. It's truly a Monday (in my brain).

  8. Since only the last category is specific to YA, what are the first five - dystopian through steampunk? Is it for adult or YA? And does fantasy include sub-genres?

  9. If it doesn't say "YA", it ain't "YA." ;)

    Durango -- ***HUGS***

  10. Fantasy? Why that's right up my alley.
    Now, if I'm not too wiped from the cat show the previous day to get into the second slot ...

  11. Just so I'm clear - adult categories in the genres, right? (I have a MG fantasy, so I'm out this month, right?)

  12. Fantasy! Huzzah!

    I will be out of town, but I'll make sure I get Internet access long enough to submit to this!

  13. So if you were in the Bakers Dozen auction can you apply for this round? I assume no, but I had to ask.:)

  14. haha Authoress, you spoil us.

  15. Does fantasy encompass Urban Fantasy?

  16. Lol, all genres of YA after all the above?

    Yikes, now I'm all nervous. I'll be entering if I can - my first SA!

  17. Vicorva -- I know, right?? ;P

    Yes, fantasy includes all subgenres.

    Yes, you may enter if you were in the Baker's Dozen.

  18. Awesome news on the expansion of the YA genre!
    Thanks Authoress-- and thank you for doing this!

  19. Well, I never entered an Authoress contest, so I may as well try this one. Another early day *le sigh*. Wait, does The Writer's Voice count as previous contests?


    Oh, when you say screen name, do you mean our google account screen name, and do we need to follow your blog.

  20. Krysten -- The Writer's Voice is not an MSFV event.

    Your screen name is whatever name you use when you leave comments here. You do not need to follow the blog or have a Blogger account in order to comment here (or to participate).

  21. SCORE.

    It may mean another stupidly early morning, but I shall enter!

  22. My first comment and contest here. I'm excited.

  23. Rissa Snepp...didn't feel like signing in--lazyMay 7, 2012 at 9:02 AM

    Yikes! I hope I made it this time around...and that my entry doesn't completely suck. *cringe* ;-)

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. When the O Holy One says it's not a lottery, does she mean that if you got a number, you're in, and thoughtbin cuts off each time slot after twenty-five entries? Sorry, recent reader, even more recent contest participant, so I'm only familiar with the lottery system.

  26. This is awesome! So excited to participate.