Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Formatting Double-check

I realized this morning that I hadn't included formatting on the submission guidelines yesterday.  (I tend to assume everyone knows, because MSFV has been around for so long. And then I remember the newcomers. apologies.)

Please type your logline first (italics preferred).  Double space, and then type your entry (single-spaced, with a double space between paragraphs).


Vera Twimditty was born with three arms.  Now she has exactly three months to grow a fourth arm in order to complete her calling as Quadrigirl, or the entire world will spontaneously combust.

Vera twiddled two of her thumbs and scratched her nose with the third.

It was always so dark in the Grow Closet.  Which was the part that didn't make sense.  Things that grew needed light.  Vera knew that--everyone knew that.   Yet here she sat for the third night in a row, sipping fromulous tea from a glass straw and sitting lotus-style in the Grow Closet.

Who needed a fourth arm, anyway?

(The word count for this contest is 355, which allows up to 100 words for your logline.  But remember--briefer is better.)


  1. Thank you for the new submission guidelines; I needed that!

    And I truly loved your hilarious Quadrigirl example(I would read it!) When I'm petting my friend's five Chihuahuas, that fourth arm would come in mighty handy!

  2. Thank you! I just submitted and it's great to feel it out there, hanging loose :)
    Opportunities like this are really encouraging and I thank you for providing it.

  3. Ha! Cute example!

    Would love to hear more about Vera Twimditty sometime in a post or two...perhaps in further examples?

  4. Shoot. I didn't see today's post until after I'd submitted my entry because I get your blog by email. I did everything right except italicize my log line. Grr. I hope it still counts. This is the first time I've entered one of your contests.

  5. LOL -- I never dreamed Vera would attract an instant following! ;)

    Anon -- No worries. I always go through all the entries to fix formatting issues.

  6. Authoress--please, please finish writing this Vera Twimditty novel. The fate of the world's at stake and I have to know what happens!

  7. We may have to start a Vera Twimditty Fan Club! Go Vera!

  8. Hi. I'm new here, and loving the mystery contest opportunity!

    Just wondering: should I be critiquing too?


  9. Welcome, Dea! Everyone is warmly welcomed to join in the critiquing. :)

  10. Thank you, Authoress. I'm off to crit :)